Impress New Clients with A Welcome Gift Hamper

Giving corporate gifts is a vital part of building a successful business. A personalized gift sends a friendly message and helps build relationships with the clients. It shows customers how grateful you are for their business and how optimistic you are about working together in the future. By rewarding them with gifts, clients will always have you in their memory. It will thus make them become brand evangelists who will keep promoting your business. All this, you will get just by having a welcome gift hamper that wins their hearts and minds. So how do you use gift hampers to impress new clients?

  • Use of High-Quality Corporate Gifts

Make your gift special by getting top quality items for your hamper. If it is a food hamper, get the best artisan treats wrapped stylishly in beautiful packaging. Your gift will be a reflection of your company; ensure it doesn’t seem like an afterthought. If your client has a sweet tooth, fill your hamper with sugary treats like chocolate and truffles, baked goods, and candy. Savoury treats could be packed with fruits, cheese, crunchy snacks, nuts, and relish. If the client likes their drink, ensure to find out if they like wine or champagne, or maybe they like whisky or beer. If they are not fans of alcohol, you should instead fill up their hampers with sachets of tea and treats or a special coffee hamper.

  • Get New Clients Thoughtful Gifts

There are many corporate gifting programs out there that curate gift hampers. You can make your client feel special by curating one of your designs. Depending on your client’s preferences, you can add different items to your hamper to impress the client. Strike up a friendly conversation to find out their hobbies and interests. If it’s a surprise, ask around their office or check their social profiles to find out what they like.

  • Branded Gift Items

Corporate branded gifts always add a nice touch that the client will never forget. However, make the branding a bit understated to avoid distracting the client on the real reason you are getting them the gift. Better yet, you could instead emboss the client’s company logo or name on it to leave a more lasting impression.

  • Personal Message Matters.

Delivering the gift personally matters even more. It will create a lasting impression. Add a handwritten personal message that will appeal to the client and will always remember the company when using the gift.


Give your clients a happy surprise with luxurious welcome gift hampers with high-quality items. Add a touch of class with stylish corporate branding on your packaging as well as ribbons. Choose your company colours to stand out and add a personal message to have a positive effect. To make your gift stand out, the use of environmentally-friendly options is a great choice. However, it is essential to consider your budget and to get a uniquely personal gift while still maintaining an air of professionalism.

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