Jean-Luc Lahaye introduces his young partner with outrageous statement

Jean-Luc Lahaye still loves younger women as much. This Monday, June 8 in L’instant de Luxe, the singer presented his partner Paola and he did not hesitate to chain very embarrassing statements.

At 67, Jean-Luc Lahaye is a fulfilled man. This Monday, June 8 on the set of Instant Luxury on Non Stop People, the singer even presented for the first time his partner Paola. A much younger woman he met “by chance” in his neighborhood in Montmartre. “It’s a great adventure! That’s great ! We don’t stop, we travel, we skydive, “said the lady.

When the singer’s singer was asked about their age difference, he made a joke in very bad taste. “She is not young! I chose her on the ultrasound! “, He launched. But not enough to shock her partner, very comfortable with the artist: “We don’t talk about it often, never even,” she said.
Severe discomfort

Jean-Luc Lahaye once again spoke of his taste for women much younger than him. “Life is thus made for men!” Men have always preferred to be with a slightly younger partner, in general. I say in general, but it’s mainly the artists, “said Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre’s great friend. But obviously everything is not so rosy as that for Paola who hates the passion of her darling.

“She’s scared on a motorcycle, every time I take her I have claws,” he said, pointing to her hips. The young woman has nothing against thrills, however, since she works in a skydiving club. Very proud of her partner, Jean-Luc Lahaye ended her interview by asking journalist Jordan de Luxe if the young woman suited him. “Is Paola pretty?” Does it look good? Could I have some pictures of us of them? “He launched in front of the cameras. A very embarrassing sequence that ended with a kiss

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