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JJSPY Review: Best real-time Monitoring software for Android and iPhone

I have come across many questions about spy apps. Some people asking whether its true spy apps really work to track a phone’s location, texts, call log and other dimensions remotely and most importantly in real-time. I have also encountered questions like which is the best app to track someone’s phone remotely and whether it’s easy to find a spy software working for both Android and iPhones.

To answer these questions, I had to conduct deep-rooted research to test a couple of real-time monitoring software for both android and iPhone users. At the end of it all, I realized that spy applications work, but the most excellent hustle is finding a genuine and reliable spy monitoring software.

JJSPY Review

JJSPY is a real-time monitoring software for both android and iPhone users. This is actually the reason why I thought this software could be a good match for you. One selling point for this software is that it works silently in the background and the target use cannot easily notice they’re being tracked.

The app is the best for people that want to see what their children are doing online, where the Child is in real-time, who’s the girlfriend talking to, whether your boyfriend is cheating and eventually keeping an eye on your employees.

The app monitors Calls, Whatsapp, real-time location and text messages among many other things. If you want to get real-time evidence of theft, cheating couples or see what a child is doing online, then this is the best app for you.

How does JJSPY work?

JJSPY has a 3-step process before you start tracking your target person. You are just required to take the three steps before you start monitoring.

  • Buy JJSPY-the first thing to do is to visit JJSPY website and sign up to purchase the software.
  • Download and install the app on the target phone-after paying; you will get a link in your email, helping you sign up and download the app to install on the target phone.
  • Start Monitoring-Once the app is downloaded and installed on the target phone; it will be very easy to track and monitor the target phone. You can actually see the images, check the call logs, activate Live camera and audio recording and at the same time check the texts and apps.

Features of JJSPY

Real-time Location Monitoring

The app connects with the target phone to send you real-time data about the location of your Child and employee. The good thing is you can also get a log of everywhere they’ve been throughout the day.

Live Cameras

You can remotely activate Live cameras and recordings to see and hear the surrounding. This is especially if you want to keep an eye on where your kid or employee is.

Call Logs

With JJSPY, it’s easy to access the call log for dialled numbers, received numbers, missed numbers, rejected and hidden calls in real-time.


See who someone is talking to and most importantly check the content of their texts.

Calendar entries

You can check where the phone is at that very moment using TrackMyFone GPS tracking.

Other features

  • Get access to contacts
  • See the specific app’s activity
  • Bookmarks
  • Hangouts
  • Skype and Whatsapp
  • IM messages
  • Keylogger to see what is being typed
  • Browser History

JJSPY Pricing

I started by stating that JJSPY is an affordable Mobile tracking app that comes with a couple of basic and premium features. This app is paid $49.99 every month for one-closed price. This means you can pay and start monitoring today without any issues.


  • JJSPY is very affordable
  • It’s a reliable option for parents and workers
  • You can stream the camera remotely
  • Get access to the front and rear camera streaming
  • Activate live surrounding microphone remotely
  • Take photos with front and rear camera
  • Access the target’s current location

JJSPY cons

  • Its comparatively expensive


Can you monitor an iPhone from Android?

JJSPY is a reliable and highly functional software for monitoring everything on a target phone in real-time. The app works for iPhones and Android phones and can work to track any of the phones from the other regardless of the OS. The good thing with this software is that it works in silent mode and the subject won’t notice easily when the app is already installed.

Can I monitor my Child’s iPhone from Android?

Monitoring a child’s phone is easy and very straightforward these days. With JJSPY, this process is a simple one. Start by subscribing to the app and choosing your method of payment. After purchasing this software, what follows is to download and install the app on the target phone and start monitoring images, Videos, Chats, apps, location and several other things.

What is the best Phone Monitoring app?

Although we have countless phone monitoring apps online, not all of them are reliable and affordable. JJSPY proves to be simple to use software with high reliability and ability to monitor and spy on a target phone. After purchasing the tool, downloading and installing it on the target phone, you can start checking on the apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype and other social platforms remotely. It’s also easy to activate the audio recorder and Videos to see where the target is in real-time.

Which is the best spy app for Android?

JJSPY is a phone tracking software solution working for both Android and iPhones. This app can be easily downloaded and used to monitor an android phone and iPhones with ease.

Final verdict

We all believe that spy applications don’t work simply because we never get access to reliable and highly functional ones. JJSPY is not a scam and can actually help you get access to a target phone remotely and take any action needed to gather evidence of cheating, time theft, current location and remotely monitor and control what your child is doing with the smartphone. Click here to read more about JJSPY APP.

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