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Katy Perry was pregnant and a judge for spicy dishes.

The culinary reality program “Australian Top Chefs” aims to cultivate amateur chefs to become top celebrity chefs. It has remained popular after more than ten years. In the twelfth season of this year, he returned with a brand-new appearance.

The judges and host lineups were reshuffled, and the fourth season champion Andy Allen returned to the host. In addition to the new judging, Gordon Ramsay, known as the “Hell Chef”, was also the guest jury for the first week, and Katy Perry, the Western music queen Guest review of episode 24.

Katy Perry, who announced her pregnancy in March this year, came to the scene with her big pregnant belly. The appearance of the superstar also surprised everyone with their mouths wide open. Some participants even excitedly claimed that they were about to have a heart attack.

Speaking of Katie Perry’s relationship with “Australian Top Chef” is actually quite deep, the title theme song from the first season is from her famous song “Hot n Cold” (Hot n Cold), which is why this episode The culinary theme is inspired by this theme song. Participants must make cold and hot delicacies within a limited time and strive for valuable elimination immunity.

Katy Perry, who has always been enthusiastic and honest, said to all contestants as soon as she arrived at the show: “The old lady and my unborn baby are hungry. You have 2 mouths to feed and move fast.” During the game Not only tried to sing to disrupt the concentration of the contestants, but also tasted the spicy delicacies of the players playfully, shouting: “She will kill me spicy!” Let the host quickly ask the staff outside for water, also The tense competition atmosphere instantly added a lot of laughter.

Katie, who claims to love food, also happily twists her hips and dances while tasting the finished products of the contestants, showing her affirmation of the food. Just when another celebrity chef host Jock Zonfrillo reminded her that this week’s winner was able to get a knockout waiver, Katie didn’t change her funny personality and said, “That’s it? Are there no other rewards? , Like a massage or something?” Make Jack cry and laugh. In an interview afterwards, he joked that uncontrolled Katie was a nightmare. The new season 12 of “Australian Top Chefs” will be broadcast on Lifetime Entertainment Channel from Monday to Friday at 8pm.

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