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Kiss of Thanks, the strongest green leaf Wu Zhengshi challenges the evil villains

The criminal investigation drama “Model Criminal Police” describes the duel between people who want to reveal the truth and hide the truth. It is created by Zhao Nanguo, the director of “The Pursuit”, and Cui Zhenyuan, the screenwriter of “Untouchable”. He has found the old Korean dramas, Sun Xianzhou’s partners Zhang Shengzu and Li Yilia. , Wu Zhengshi and Chi Chengxuan and other powerful actors perform together.

The director Zhao Nanguo, who is already the fifth cooperation with Sun Xianzhou, said that they were in perfect harmony. Sun Xianzhou was like a “chameleon” to him. Hearing the director’s praise, Sun Xianzhou happily embraced and kissed the director’s cheek, and responded based on the right The director’s trust, “Model Criminal Police” hasn’t even read the script. When he heard that it was director Zhao Nanguo, he immediately decided to perform. He also revealed that the shooting time would be longer because of the director’s skill. Director Zhao Nanguo, so help JTBC avoid a lot of losses.”

Zhang Shengzu, who challenged the role of Interpol for the first time, played Wu Zhihe, a policeman who inherited many heritages, and admitted that he was attracted by the role of “rich interrogator”. He was curious about the interesting story behind him. He and Sun Xianzhou played the approachable Interpol Jiang Daochang as a pair of different personalities. When talking about the cooperation with senior elder Sun Xianzhou, Zhang Shengzu was highly praised in his talks, calling the other party the Minister of “Performance Department”, hoping to have a chance to act together again.

Sun Xianzhou heard that the other party was acting for the first time as a criminal policeman, but the smart looks did not look like this. He praised Zhang Shengzu as an actor with various charms and potentials. After that, he returned and asked his juniors, “Can this be done?” To kiss him, the atmosphere full of love made the host couldn’t help but come out and say, “No kiss”, which caused everyone to laugh.

In the past, the actor Wu Zhengshi, who has always been indispensable in works such as “Touching the Heart” and “Golden Rescue: Stove League”, played the rich villain Wu Zhongtai in “Model Criminal Police”. He talked about the types of “bad guys”. It is said that some bad guys look sympathetic for a long time, but some are bad embryos that cannot be understood. “Wu Zhongtai” belongs to the latter, and it is really a bad person. This time it shows people with “curly hair” and “gorgeous” shapes. He blew himself up “for the first time wearing such expensive props and watches”, Qian said that I might not have enough gas, so I had to rely on so many high-priced items to support the expensive.

Temperament beauty Li Yilia, following the roles of the staff in “Miss Hammurabi” and “Assistant Officer”, this time as the justice reporter Chen Shujing, and Chi Chengxuan, who plays the minister Liu Zhengxi, have many rival plays. Chi Chengxuan mentioned Li Yili Ya’s performance “probably because she is a master of the professional drama, and her performance in the drama is also blue, better than blue, just like a real reporter.” Li Yilia especially thanked Chi Chengxuan for giving her both in and out of the drama A lot of help to make yourself more relaxed acting, people are quite looking forward to their interaction. “Model Criminal Police” will be broadcast exclusively on iQIYI Taiwan every Tuesday and July 7th.

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