Know About Few Balcony Designs That Can Floor You

Making a proper choice of the right flooring for balconies of your patio decking or condos for the backyard is quite a stressful decision to make. There can be so many different options while choosing suitable flooring, but selecting the best one meant for your outdoor balconies is a very critical decision to make.

The right balcony flooring willmake your balconies durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. Skyscapes specialize in balcony flooring meant for condo balconies, and you can visit their website to choose the right balcony design for your condo.

Balcony flooring should be such that it can withstand all types of weather conditions including snow, rain, hail, and sunlight. The following are a few options recommended for your balcony flooring designs.

1. Artificial turf to offer a lawn effect

Basically, this is laying down of cosmetic grass layer on the balcony floor. Unlike real grass turfs, it is much easier to maintain, and also they are not very expensive. So you can easily have your green areas that can be easily changed from time to time. Since they are not glued to the floor, you can have them easily removed and moved whenever you need.

2. Exotic hardwood

Nothing looks as beautiful and classy like the hardwood floors on balconies. They are remarkably durable, and will easily last for decades. These hardwood tiles have interlocking mechanism for fast and easy installations. The timeless beauty of hardwood floors is the main reason why it is the number # 1 choice of most condo and apartment owners.

3. Durable composite flooring tiles

Composite flooring tiles are a more affordable option to hardwood tiles. These tiles are used quite extensively in Canada for creating gorgeous balconies. They look almost similar to traditional timber flooring, and can easily sustain harsh climatic conditions.

These wooden textured balcony tiles provide a neutral backdrop to your homes. They simply transform your balconies to give a warm and exo-friendly looks, and are ideal for balconies of all sizes.

4. Porcelain

If you want long-lasting patio or balcony tiles, then porcelain exterior tiles are the best option. It will offer your outdoor flooring a natural stone look, and are easy to clean and maintain. Also, this is quite a cost-effective solution and easy to install too. They have a long lasting quality, and are commonly provided with warranty of 25 years.

5. Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are also a cost-effective option for balcony flooring, but they are not ideally suitable for colder places like Canada. They are fine for balconies with low traffic, but there is always a risk of their cracking.

6. Rubber pavers

Those who are looking for a cheaper option for their outdoor flooring can go for rubber pavers. However, in terms of durability, they may not last that long as compared to the options mentioned above.

7. Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are a budget-friendly flooring option. The best part is that you get numerous choices for patterns and playful colors that can brighten up the balcony. However, not many homeowners use mosaics flooring these days, because they tend to degrade with weather. They can even lose the texture and make cleaning more difficult.

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