Land media burst iPhone 12 mass production schedule

The Apple iPhone 12 series is expected to be released in September. Lu media actually visited Shanghai Changshuo, a subsidiary of Apple’s Shanghai foundry and Heshuo. The factory employees revealed that they are currently proofing three iPhone 12s, which have 5G and 4G versions like the previous rumors. The mass production of Apple’s new machine may be delayed this year. Even if the new machine will be unveiled as scheduled in September, the initial supply will be insufficient, and there will be a dilemma of not being able to buy it.

According to foreign media reports, iPhone 12 will launch 5G and 4G versions. The cheapest 4G version is priced at about $549, which is $100 lower than the cheapest 5G version. The land media “IT Times” recently visited Shanghai Apple’s foundry, Pegatron, and factory employees revealed that Pegatron currently has three iPhone 12 proofs, and each has 4G and 5G versions.

It is understood that Pegatron previously received orders for low-end iPhones. For example, in the iPhone 11 series, Pegatron only received orders for iPhone 11. Can higher-order orders be obtained this year? The employees did not give a consistent answer. They said that Pegatron has very strict control on the entry and exit of staff. Employees on the iPhone 12 production line must sign a confidentiality agreement, and they must go through the metal detection inspection when entering and leaving the factory. Happening.

Due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the iPhone 12 mass production schedule may be delayed. Employees revealed that Pegatron will not start to set up a new production line until mid-to-late August. The mass production of the iPhone 12 may be as fast as September, and if it is late, it will be October. Although the new phone was released as scheduled in September, the iPhone 12 may experience a period of out of stock after it is sold. “It’s very fragrant, but it may not be available for purchase.”

Tianfeng International Securities analyst Guo Mingchi pointed out in the latest investment report that Apple is expected to cancel the random (with packaging) headphones on all iPhone 12 models, and “to save costs, all iPhone 12 models may also be canceled with random gifts.” charger.”

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