Less-Known but Pretty Compelling Benefits of Tattoos for A Healthy Mind and Body

Tattoos are undoubtedly one of the hottest fashion statements. Almost every tattoo has a story behind it that makes it a powerful and empowering form of art. Lately the stigma surrounding tattoos are disappearing initiating more to join the trend. The several attractive designs available have made the idea of tattoos more tantalizing.

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Surprising benefits of tattoos:

Tattoos are cool but that’s not just about it. Tattoos offer several benefits you may be clueless about.

  • Cuts down stress levels: While getting inked, our body adapts to high stress levels which cause our stress hormone cortisol to stabilize and drop afterward. The drop in cortisol levels eases stress, depression, anxiety. People with multiple tattoos were found to have permanent reduced cortisol levels.
  • Strengthens immune system: Low cortisol levels works in favor of our immune system. When we experience less amount of stress, naturally our body is less likely to encounter illness. Multiple tattoos have us ward off infections.
  • Boosts self confidence: People have been using tattoos to cover up body flaws, scars from injuries/ surgeries. Highlighting parts, we find flawed using works of art changes our perspective and make us feel more confident about our body. It also serves as a reminder of how strong they have handled hardships.
  • Improved athletic performance: High cortisol levels are the reason for slow muscle healing and prolonged recovery time after playing sports and lifting weights. Since tattoos are found to lower cortisol levels, there is acceleration of muscle-recovery time which helps individuals train well and thereby performs better.
  • Relieve blood pressure: The negative effects of high cortisol levels include migraine/ headache, weight gain, inhibited memory, elevated blood pressure etc. Since tattoos brings down cortisol levels, our blood pressure lowers.
  • Promotes body positivity among sexual assault victims: Many sexual abuse victims reveal that ever since the heart-breaking incident, they feel like they lose ownership of their bodies, which results in eating disorders, addiction, disassociation etc. Meaningful tattoos have helped them change the way they view their body.
  • Better job opportunities: Visible tattoos don’t negatively impact one’s career opportunities as long as it isn’t offensive, drug-related or pornographic. Businesses which are more about targeting young clients are welcoming the idea of employees having visible ink.
  • Different bonding experience: It is always a joy interacting with like-minded people. Being a part of the tattoo-lovers’ club opens a new world of connections and satisfying bonding experiences.
  • Improved efficacy of vaccine: The ingredients of the vaccine are added into the vaccine machine and then administered into our body.
  • Replacing the traditional administration of vaccine using syringes to using tattoo needles is found to boost the efficacy of vaccine.

These benefits are reasons enough to get you contemplating about getting inked. Make sure you choose a reputable tattoo artist to do the job to avoid infections.

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