Look and Feel Great! This Is How You Can Get Bigger Muscles

It’s mind boggling that 64% of Americans admit that they don’t have the time to take good care of themselves. More worrying is the reality that the current generation is more deskbound today more than at any other time in history.  

The bad news is that you have to get out of your comfort zone for you to achieve perfect health and a stunning body. Gaining bigger muscles is among the best ways to look and feel good about yourself. The fact is, you don’t need to be an athlete or a pro-weightlifter for you to build bigger muscles. 

Do you wish to push your body towards greater levels of fitness and perfect health by building muscle? Then you are in the right place.

Keep reading for tips on how to build bigger muscles and say hello to a perfectly bulked body. 

1. Know Your Goal

Everyone hits the gym with different goals in mind. Some want to increase endurance, while others only focus on strength training. If you’re in it to bulk up, it’s essential to know that from the onset.

Whether you’re a beginner or you are advanced in your training, it helps to know your goal from the get-go. This will help to ensure that you push yourself beyond the normal in your quest to build bigger muscle. Are you looking to achieve bigger muscles and don’t know where to start?

The best place to start is to conceptualize your goal. This will help keep you grounded each time you hit the gym. 

2. Be Consistent

Building muscle isn’t for the fainthearted. You have to be ready to put in more than just the average. It starts by having an effective training program with unmatched consistency. 

The average American sits for close to 6.5 hours on a given day. Granted, you need to work to earn your daily bread. However, you must be willing to sacrifice time and be consistent in your training routine for you to see some results in your muscle-building journey.

There will be days you don’t want to lift. But even during those days, you would instead do a half session rather than miss out.

3. Diet Is King

Contrary to the popular notion about food and weight gain, it would be best to increase your food intake as you push towards gaining bigger muscle. Even so, the catch is in eating healthy food. Your servings for proteins and calories should increase for you to gain muscle strength.

When focusing on muscle gain, you should aim to achieve at least 1 pound every week. For you to achieve such consistent gains, you need at least 500 calories a day. Further, you should consume a gram of protein for every pound.  

Carbohydrates and fats are the other equally essential foods during the period of building bigger muscles. Your food intake matters during this journey. This is why you must institute a healthy balance between your workout routine and your eating regime. 

4. Supplement Your Meals

Over the years, there has been ongoing discourse regarding the role of supplements in forming bigger muscles.

Beyond your regular dietary routine, it would help to consider quality dietary supplements to help you build bigger muscles. When you use supplements that have passed all the safety standards, it will only be a matter of time before you experience steady growth in your muscles.

Selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs are some of the emerging quality options you can consider. SARMs can bind with the body’s receptors, something that boosts muscle growth. When this binding occurs, it promotes muscle hypertrophy and other unique anabolic benefits.

The outcome is a constant state of muscle repair in the body. You can read more about SARMs here as you work towards bigger muscles.

5. Train Heavy 

Once you have developed consistency in training and a dietary routine, it’s time to go hard. As noted earlier, once you understand your objective for hitting the gym, this goal sets you apart. It would be best if you went in with training heavier than you ever did before.

It’s always advised that heavy training should never compromise your safety and the efficiency of the workout. The idea is to challenge your muscles, not to cause injuries. Further, you would instead start low and increase the weights over time, rather than lifting heavy but in the wrong posture and technique.

When lifting heavy, the goal is to challenge your muscles concentrically and eccentrically. As such, it’s essential to ensure that you train the main muscle groups harder during a typical workout. This will help you build bigger muscles within no time. 

6. Get Adequate Rest

Adequate rest can be a relative statement depending on a myriad of factors. However, to build bigger muscles, rest or sleep is among your best sources of fuel. More specifically, rest is integral for muscle growth. 

When you hit the gym hard, your muscles develop microscopic tears, which affect the tissues. The body needs time to repair such tears as your muscles grow. Rest provides this environment where the fibroblasts cells undertake the process of repair. 

As you work towards building bigger muscles, food and the workout will be integral, but this must be in tandem with adequate sleep. Rest will allow the tissues to heal and grow on the go. The general advice, in most cases, is at least 24-48 hours in between sessions.

Most people assume that over-training helps achieve better results when building bigger muscles. On the contrary, it only tends to reduce the periods of repair and healing for the muscles. It will make a tremendous difference to schedule adequate rest in between sessions for your muscles to heal.

7. Focus on Volume and Intensity

The other most important issue to consider in your quest to build bigger muscle is the volume and intensity. Most seasoned weight lifters understand the need to ensure a balance between volume and intensity in their workout schedules. Volume refers to the number of sets and repetitions you do during a single workout.

Intensity, on the other hand, is the extent of weight you lift during a single rep. For you to achieve bigger muscle, you need to ensure at least 15 repetitions. The reps should, however, be at a minute break between the sets.  

When you focus on volume and intensity, your body will be able to release acid. Lactic acid causes a burning sensation in the muscles, something that stimulates muscle growth faster. If you’re keen on muscle growth, it will help consider a balance between volume and intensity.

Your reps should decrease as the weight increases. The idea of volume and intensity is essential to conceptualize. You don’t want to end up lifting weights consistently without any visible progress because of the failure to generate adequate lactic acid.

8. Avoid Cheating in-Between Workouts

Cheating is a common habit in the gym. The ultimate goal of every workout is to achieve maximum benefit. If you cheat during a set or a workout, you’ll be cheating yourself out of gains. 

When it comes to working out and bigger muscles, most people get it twisted. The ultimate goal is not to test how much weight you can manage but rather how far you can push your muscles to achieve maximum gains. 

When you talk about exercise, the ultimate focus should be on technique and completion. It would be a mistake to focus on the extent of weight at the expense of the workout quality. To achieve the highest level of muscle growth, you must do your best to avoid cheating your way around the workout. 

9. Track Your Progress

Growth is deceptive. You may be stuck within the same weight range for a long time unless you can track your progress on an ongoing basis. You won’t achieve the intended muscle gain in the medium and long term unless you can scale up your weight lifting targets over time.

Unfortunately, most individuals don’t keep an active schedule of their progress. The result is that you may assume that you are growing in your muscle development, but in reality, you are only maintaining your current form.

Keeping track of your muscle gain journey will allow you to understand the workouts and routines that can help you bulk up. Most times, your failure to gain bigger muscle is due to your inability to track progress in your workout regime. 

Every gain counts when working out. As such, it’s essential always to consider comprehensive tracking of your routine.

A mirror could be a perfect tool to help you track changes in your body structure and in symmetry assessment. Ensure that you always keep track of your progress if you want to push your body towards bigger muscles.

This Is How to Build Bigger Muscles

Everybody longs for that perfect body. Building muscle helps you deal with fat while toning you up for that summer build. However, to achieve bigger muscles, you need to put more effort into the gym while paying attention to other factors such as diet and workout routines. 

With these tips and a little boost from SARMs, you’ll be good to go. If you’ve been hoping to boost your muscles and build those guns, then the wait is over. These tips are your best bet. 

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