Lower Backpain & Fever

The 85-year-old Ke surnamed Taichung has suffered from low back pain and a long-term mood in the past year. Recently, he discovered that a rash on his right thigh had been blister. It was thought that it was caused by allergies.

Herpes is more common in people over 50 years old with weak immune function. Recently, there have been many cases of outpatient consultations in outpatient clinics, calling on the public to pay attention.

The old man named Ke told the doctor that in the past year, because of the pain in the waist and the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, he almost did not walk out.

He also suffered from a loss of appetite and a bad mood. A few days ago, he suddenly found a string of blisters growing on his right leg. I thought I was allergic and wanted to apply artificial skin for self-treatment. When asked by my family to go to the hospital, I realized it was herpes zoster.

After receiving treatment with antiviral drugs, Mr. Ke is recovering well. The Asian University Hospital pointed out that there was a 65-year-old man named Zhang who had inexplicable swelling and pain on his right cheek, and the pain spread to his ears.

When he got up one day, he even found that his right eye could not be closed, like a stroke. Violated the 7th and 8th pair of cranial nerves.

In addition, a 50-year-old woman with a surnamed Cai had a headache on her left side for almost a week. At the beginning of the medical examination, no cause was found. Until the rash on her left forehead was diagnosed as herpes zoster trigemina, it even caused conjunctival inflammation and blurred vision.

Cai Zhaoji, deputy director of the Asian University Hospital and director of the Department of Allergy, Immunology, and Rheumatology, pointed out that many people have had chickenpox in childhood, and the “varicella zoster virus” latent in the body will not be eliminated. Once the immunity becomes poor, it will activate and spread.

Cai Zhaoji emphasized that in the early stage of herpes zoster, there will be a series of red rash blisters and abnormal pain in the body or skin. It will enter the ulcer stage after about 3 days. If it grows on the face, it may cause sequelae such as vision or hearing loss. Treatment helps shorten the course of the disease.

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