Massive Growth for Online Course Market in 2020

The online education industry has been showing promising growth for quite some time now. The Internet is increasingly adopted and has a rise in e-learning knowledge. Advances in Information and Communication Technologies enable educators and students to step beyond time, space, and the environment.

Project Management is an emerging industry and applicable in different industries and sectors. Project management training gives you the know-how to help your projects excel. There are many Project Management courses, and Project Management Professional Certification (PMP®) is one of the most common and in-demand credentials across the world. It is a recognized certificate that provides a milestone in your profession.

Want to take an online course to learn new technology skills? Plan to shift your career path to learn Project Management skills? Is PMP certification worth in the market? Do you want to know in-brief PMP certification skills? Still have more thoughts, think no more. PMP is the best project management online course for beginners and experts to learn new concepts with emerging trends.

Let’s begin to resolve your doubts.

What is the Online Course?

Online courses revolutionize formal education and open a new genre of cultural and scientific outreach. These courses provide a variety of lessons to quickly view, either on the web browser or on a mobile device at any time.

E-learning via electronic technology and resources helps to gain knowledge. The global appetite for advanced online learning courses has grown with the rise in the number of internet users. An online training course is a built-in learning environment. For knowledge, the best online models of courses come from the field of personal learning.

Online Courses – Market Scenario – 2020

During 2020-2024, the market volume of e-learning will increase by $93.64 billion. The big picture is that the demand for online courses is still rising. According to Global Market Insights firm, e-learning market projects to grow from 5% Compound Annual Growth Rate to over $200 bn by 2024.

The new factors driving the e-learning industry sales are mobile learning, micro-learning, social learning, and corporate MOOCs. The increasing demand for employee training from different end-user industries, such as technology, healthcare, drives industry demand. The COVID-19 pandemic further boosts the requirement of the students and companies in the industry for e-learning solutions. Major national initiatives are evolving and expanding rapidly to exploit technology and industry leaders in support of the e-learning industry.

India’s online education industry in 2018 was worth Rs. 39 billion and is forecast to cross Rs. 360.3 billion by 2024, with a CAGR growth of approximately 43.85% within the period 2019-2024.

The online reskilling and certification market by 2024 would be able to reach Rs. 93.81 bn and grow at a CAGR of 36.95 percent from 2019 to 2024. With the growing business environment, there is a wide skill gap among employees, raising the demand for reskilling courses.

In 2019 the size of the e-learning market had surpassed USD 200 billion and will grow over 8% CAGR during 2020-2026. The advent of various technological innovations, like cloud computing and AI, and increased penetration of the Internet around the world will boost market growth.

Key Market Trends

Nowadays, online training players continue to compete to offer differentiated products for the target audience, mainly through regular course offerings of value-added services. Services delivered in combination with standard courses such as internships, assignments, group discussions, and career counseling classes improve user’s experiences. Several Government organizations are leveraging the implementation of advanced techniques for both economic and social welfare.

Industry leaders, to expand their customer base, are seeking to build a wide variety of learning and certification programs. Reducing online training expenses, curbing geographic challenges in traditional classes, and the time constraints that candidates face are the factors that support the increased demand for smart online educational practices.

Increased Internet of Things (IoT) adoption, better exposure to the Internet, and the increased usage of mobile technologies enabled people to accept innovative education and learning approaches.

Why PMP Certification in 2020?

The professional project management (PMPs) are in high demand, particularly in the technology and software development’s project-based ecosystem. A certified PMP project can handle more than three-fourths of high-performing projects.

The PMP® Certification training’s goal is to empower the participants with an integrated approach to project management with the PMBOK® Guide. The PMP® training is well structured as it incorporates the emerging developments into current strategies. With the PMP® Certification, you gain the flexibility to study at your own pace. The PMP® Certification requires exams, activities, assignments, and a post-course guide.

Benefits of PMP Certification with Online Courses

  • Master your PMP skills with interactive training classes
  • Instructor-led driven training sessions to interact on a live basis in a physical classroom
  • Learn at your own pace and flexibility. Gain free course materials.

Are you now clear how worth is PMP certification? Still, maybe one more question might be daunting in your mind – i.e., where to take PMP certification training? Let’s move to clear this query.

PMP Certification Training in Pune

Pune is one of India’s technical capitals where you can find talented individuals in abundance. It is India’s major hub having the best industries and sectors. And therefore, if you are looking to land in Pune, Project Management is a lucrative hot skill.

As many employers who respect PMP certification are from Pune, it is no doubt that interested candidates can choose from one of the largest markets for PMP training in Pune. Punekars seek value for their penny and do not compromise on the product quality.

Due to these reasons, people are interested in joining PMP to prepare for the role of the project manager reason using the best training of PMP certification in Pune. If you are local or far away to Pune, you can wish to take online courses or classroom-based PMP certification training in Pune.


There exists a promising growth for online courses in the market. Many methodologies and technologies – from micro-learning to artificial intelligence – evolved to change what more is possible with online learning.

In short, don’t delay your adoption of PMP certification. Transform your life today into the most demanding fields with credit-enabled MicroMaster programs or acquire new skills with captivating professional certificates.

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