MVR Checks and Your Business

Good drivers are a core part of many businesses and for companies, it can be the entire business. Companies such as those who employ chauffeurs, couriers, and commercial drivers are focused on driving as a key skillset in their daily business activities however, they are not the only businesses concerned with hiring the best drivers. Many businesses have company vehicles and for a lot of industries have to go to a specific location for on-sight work is not only common but an essential part of the industry.

When you need to hire a new employee a thorough background check is essential. Luckily for driving there is a way to check specific facts related to a potential hire’s driving history. An MVR check can tell you a lot of valuable information. Each state’s DMV collects detailed driving records, and you can request this information during the process of a job interview.

What An MVR Check Can Tell You

An MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) list several facts about a person’s driving history. An MVR is a state-level record and has to be requested from the local DMV. There is no national database, so any information requested only relates to the state in question, so if the interviewee recently relocated you may have to get reports from more than one state for a complete record. The facts an MVR includes are the following: 

  • Basic Information: an MVR can provide the same information you’d find on an individual’s driver’s license. This can include an applicant’s vital statistics, license number, issue date, expiration, and any type of special classifications. Such checks can also check for license type as well. 
  • License Suspensions: another important fact an MVR can tell you is the status of an applicant’s license and past suspensions or license revocations. This can be important to know as multiple suspensions can indicate bad habits or not following proper driving procedure (such as not carrying insurance) revocations are serious and require an entirely new license to be issued. Such information is important when weighing a hiring decision. 
  • Ticket History: a driver’s ticket history can tell you a good deal about their driving habits. Tickets can vary in severity and can be issued for an assortment of driving mistakes some minor and others more notable. The amount, timeframe, and type of tickets should be taken into consideration.
  • Legal Issues: Issues related to the law such as court cases can be among the most severe of traffic-related concerns. Legal concerns recorded include not only court history but the outcomes and rulings of these events including judgments and fines.

An important aspect to keep in mind when reviewing MVR information is that it is a part of the greater interviewing process. It is every bit as important as more traditional background checks, submitted paperwork, interviews, and other pre-screening activity. The weight you assign to the information the report contains can vary depending on your company’s need, activity, and related duties of any potential job opening. 

Why An MVR Report Is Important

When hiring a new employee there are various types of information you will need and that you will review. Hiring a new employee for your business is no small thing and there are many ways a new employee can affect your company. The most obvious is finding someone who can successfully fulfill the duties of the job. Other factors, especially when it relates to driving, include the ability to be trusted with company equipment, represent the company well in the local community, and avoid any potential issues when engaging with the public. An MVR is an important part of the interview process and helps give you a complete picture, which is needed to make the best hiring decision possible.

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