Olivier Minne participation in Fort Boyard

Saturday July 11, Claude Dartois will be back on television screens in Fort Boyard. A participation on which Olivier Minne, host of the emblematic show of France 2, has just given his opinion.

A much awaited evening. Saturday July 11, France 2 will broadcast an unpublished issue of Fort Boyard in which viewers will have the pleasure of finding Claude Dartois. A participation that the undisputed darling of the devotees of Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes had announced by publishing a photo of him alongside the emblematic lion of the show.

But not everything went as planned for the one who had the honor of being asked to marry by Estelle Denis. In an interview with Tele Loisirs, the master driver said he was in great difficulty. “Certain trials have really made my life difficult. I sometimes thought that the Fort wanted to eliminate me. “

Olivier Minne judges Claude’s participation

As teammate Tom Leeb revealed, Claude was injured several times on the set. “On an event, he broke his finger. Her must turned around. He had to go to the infirmary and the doctor had to intervene and put his finger back in place. On another test, he tore off his side of the calf because he fell badly. On the same event, he opened his finger with another hand, “said the one who gave up participating in Eurovision 2021.

However, Andrea’s dad has aroused the admiration of the other participants of Fort Boyard, starting with Clemence Botino, who compared him to “a superman”, and the host of the show. Interviewed by Tele 7 Jours, Olivier Minne said how good he thought of Claude. “It was wonderful. A great candidate. He really does not usurp his reputation as a great adventurer, “he said. Only a few days to wait before you can discover his exploits.

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