Online Booking Tips for Parcel Pickup

Maybe it’s your first time to book a ship parcel from Africa and don’t know how to proceed. Scheduling a delivery and pick up can seem daunting, but we’re here to help.

Here are 4 tips to ensure your express shipping Africa goes smoothly and without trouble:

Read the Procedure

Parcel delivery in Africa can vary depending on the time frame and the kind of goods that will be transported. You can be sure that cargo transport Africa will have different rules than a container transport Africa, for example.

This is why you should read up on the process and understand how it works. The more you know the less anxious you become and the less errors you commit.

Pack the Item Properly

In order to reduce breakage when express shipping Africa, you will have to pack your goods the right way.

Get a box that’s about the same size of the goods and put in plenty of stuffing to pack it in and keep it from moving around. It should be thick and strong enough to be carried as well. Use packaging tape on the top and bottom before calling the crowdshipping platform Africa.

Call The Company for Pickup

Now you’re ready to call the Trouver des clients pour transport Afrique. Pick the time that best suits you and have it scheduled on a convenient date. An African post transport may have a different timeline compared to a crowdshipping platform, or an African post service.

Make the Payment and Wait

Check all the details, then confirm and pay for the service. The amount may vary depending on your location, size of parcel and how fast you want it to arrive to its destination.

Contact Toure for the Best Express Shipping in Africa

Toure Mamoudou owns an African delivery startup and can be relied to deliver a parcel on time. His Instagram profile is Ysn.Africa and can be reached anytime.

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