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What quarantine has done best for us is to make us familiarize with the possibilities to learn new and old things more efficiently and effectively. And since we have already jumped the bandwagon to find various courses and learn through them, surprisingly, not a single thought came to our mind that there could be the possibility of having Online Quran classes.

But luckily, we stumble across a pool of Quran Academies online where they provide detailed Quranic courses more effectively and conveniently, which made us wonder the importance of the need of learning the Quran, especially for kids in these unprecedented times.

There is no denying that the pandemic this year changed the trajectory of things that were done with ease, though things eventually came online and people started to adapt to the new normal but somehow, learning the Quran was neglected by most. Obviously, parents wouldn’t be sending their kids to the madarsas amidst the pandemic or having the tutor over, so having these Online Quran Academy intrigued us a lot, and we did further research to figure out how efficient and effective they are and how can they stand up to the learning process done in person.


Before getting into why we should switch to online Quran classes or which is the best Quran academy online, it is essential to know why there are such academies online in the first place and why we bother learning the Quran anyway. And to be honest, it all comes down to one factor that is, as a Muslim, reading the Quran is an integral part of our worship.

So since Muslims are situated all around the world, with the majority of not knowing Arabic or knowing it fluently can be a hindrance in reading Quran and that is why from a very young age parents make sure to provide their kids with Quranic classes for them to get familiarize with the language and the teaching of Quran as in a young it’s easy to learn new things.

Moreover, the Quran is indeed a book that has answers for everything, so learning Quran makes an individual capable and self-sufficient in terms of knowing what Islam says and hence doesn’t need to rely on other people for answers, which also reduce the risk of contradicting opinions and confusions.

Now since we have covered the importance of knowing and learning the Quran, the question arises, why should someone, especially a parent, opt for online Quran classes for their kids? And to provide a straightforward answer, it is convenient, effective, and has many advantages.

First and foremost, as everyone knows that the whole world is affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, which has made it hard to carry out regular activities with ease. And amongst those activities learning Quran has been severely jeopardized. Especially as a preventative measure, a lot of parents avoid sending their kids to madarsa, so calling the Quran tutors at home. But as mentioned earlier, learning Quran is essential and especially at a younger age; hence having online classes is not less than a blessing in these uncertain situations. As the name suggests, Online Quran Classes are done online, and therefore there is no risk of contracting the virus and thus no reason to avoid learning the Quran.

Moreover, since these classes are online, therefore it means they can be taken from any part of the world. So in case if someone is traveling or has any other reason that may not make them able to take classes the traditional way, online is a great way to tackle that problem without hindering the learning.

One more interesting thing we came across was that there are hundreds of online Quran academies on the internet from all over the world, which means that geographic limitations are no longer a hindrance for people to get the best Quran education from the best tutor despite them being a million miles away.

Last but certainly not least; Safety is an essential factor to be taken into consideration. It might sound problematic and controversial, but there is no denying that physical, verbal, and mental abuse stories have surfaced a lot now, showcasing how physical madarsas exploit their positions by carrying out unethical and morally wrong actions beating harassment, and more. Therefore, having online Quran classes can prevent these things from happening, and the parents can also supervise, allowing them to be stress-free.

Nonetheless, no matter which issue it may be, online Quran classes are definitely a safer and convenient option to opt for—quality without any compromise.


If you are aware of the new phenomenon which is Online Quran Academies. In that case, you must know that there are a lot of them all over the internet and from various countries providing numerous benefits. But we also understand that more is not always merrier, and at times having many options can get us confused. But don’t you worry, we have come across many such academies, research about them, and we are proud to say that we have narrowed it down to one specific academy that we believe offers everything an individual would need and offers those services effectively. And that Quran academy is none other than “Quran For Kids.”  

Quran for Kids is an international online Quran academy situated in the UK and USA but caters to a global audience. Though through the name, you might think that this academy caters to kids only, you would be mistaking. Despite it’s name, this Quran academy has a remarkable learning atmosphere for kids and adults too. 

Though this Quran Academy offers courses that other online Quran academies provide too. Still, they are the best because they go way beyond with their classes, they have courses that many academies don’t, and they have such detailed course outline which actually helps enrich the learning process.

Moreover, they understand the need for the latest technologies and the drastic change in the attention span of humans nowadays. That is why they provide a precise yet comprehensive online Quran classes that are interactive and incorporating the most effective teaching methods for seamless, effective learning.

And the most appealing feature of this Quran Academy would by far be their attitudes and helpful nature towards people. And that is why we rave about that and have no doubt when we say they try their level best to expedite their students in every way possible. With diverse courses, expert tutors, trials period, easy accessibility, schedule adaptability, and an affordable fee structure, this Quran academy has it all. 


Every Quran Academy we came across has a crowning feature, but with ‘ Quran For Kids ‘, they have an array of features that instantly made us gravitate towards this. We will list down a few of the features that we think make this Quran Academy stands out the most.

It is a Student-Centric Academy

Everyone gravitates towards that one particular thing that facilitates them the most. In our opinion, the Quran For Kids do that and hence will be everyone’s favorite online learning platform. This academy puts the power in its students’ and their guardians’ hands, allowing them to choose the offer (tutor, course, time, and package) they find the best for them. They also take their students’ concerns seriously and work towards providing the best learning experience for them.

The thing that made us gravitate towards them the most was how they handle their clients and potential clients. When you visit Quran For Kids website, there is a bot that answers your question, but unlike other websites, Quran for Kids has a tutor or a consultant at the other end that assists you. This way, people get to instantly interact with a real person, and they help you with all your queries. And in case they are unable to assist you, your question is noted, and they get back to you through email as soon as they can. This honestly shows their respect towards people, the way they talk to you and prioritize you. We felt welcome and appreciated there, and just the basis of that, we will give them 10/10 on their hospitality. 

Extremely Accommodating

Quran for Kids is by far the most cooperative and understanding academy we have come across; they are very responsive and highly accommodating to their students’ needs. We can not deny the fact that time now has become the most valuable element in everyone’s life, and people are struggling to manage it, especially amidst the pandemic. And in these challenging situations, when we are given the power to schedule things at our convenience, it’s a win-win situation as most of the time, due to timing clashes, we often let go of outstanding opportunities just because of timing issues.

This online academy understands the issue and the importance of learning the Quran, hence allows its students to schedule their classes as per their convenience. Moreover, in instances when the students are unable to attend the course at their decided time, the academy makes room for them. They reschedule the classes, which in our option is a really appreciable approach to retain customers and respect, as most institutes count miss classes as part of the course and don’t reschedule it.

Furthermore, Quran For Kids also allow their students to have one for one class because they know some individuals are slow learners or just want to learn at their own pace, some actually get intimidated by other students and not learn as effectively as they can alone, so this is another variant that makes this academy stand out and not to forget they also allow students to choose their tutor on their own and the choice to change them if they want.

Moreover, if you compare Quran for Kids with other Quran Acadmeies on the internet, in that case, you will notice that unlike other academies, Quran for Kids classes available 24/7, which makes this academy the perfect solution for people with time constraints. And due to this timing facility, anyone anywhere in the world can access their classes with ease, and people who are traveling or have a generally hectic schedule can easily accommodate their Quran classes as per their convenience. In our opinion, no one can get a better deal than this. Twenty-four hours of availability is a blessing; you can’t deny it!

Caters a Wide Demographic

Learning is an ongoing, evergreen process, and there shouldn’t be any limitation on learning a particular activity or course solely on the basis of age. And when it comes to learning Quran, a highly praise-worthy initiative should not be limited to specific demographics.

Though we have mentioned that ideally, learning Quran should be done at a younger age as it is more convenient to understand and shape a brain due to many factors, one may not get the opportunity to do so or just want to learn it all over again. And in our opinion, it should be normalized. And thankfully enough, Quran For Kids does that.

We are aware that this academy’s name literally has the word Kids in it. Still, despite what the name implies, this Quran academy actually is highly inclusive as it caters to all demographics and a global audience. Providing the opportunity for older individuals to learn Quran is really admirable. The best thing is, the interactive classes, productive mode of teaching, and expert tutors help older individuals learn Quran more effectively.

Highly Effective Mode of Learning

We have all heard that a good Quran teachers can make us fall in love with a subject and a bad one can make us fall out of love with our favorite subject; the similar case is with Quran as well. We all know and probably may have come across one Qari Sahab (Quran tutor) that was too aggressive with his teaching method that made us distant from the Quran. In today’s time, one having such a tutor causes the student to not gravitate towards that course in any circumstance. Still, gladly enough, this issue may never occur with this Quran Academy.

Our research and our first-hand experience withthe Quran for Kids have found out that this academy has a very different and exciting teaching approach. Talking specifically about their tutors, we have found out they have a vast faculty of both males and females that are experts. Through our interaction with their tutors, we certainly believe that the academy has high standards with their tutors; these experts are knowledgeable and have adequate teaching skills and effective methods to facilitate students best. Moreover, through our interaction, we understood why this Quran academy confidently claims to have the best tutors. The instructors are the experts of their respective course and continuously keeping up with the technological and teaching changes to provide the most effective learning environment. 

And though we were unable to get any information concerning their hiring criteria but judging by the tutors’ attitudes and knowledge, we can certainly say that the Quran for Kids has a remarkable hiring criterion. 

Other than the tutors, they provide very entertaining and interactive learning that actually helps and why they are quite popular. See learning Quran should never seem like a compulsion, or else it eliminates the whole purpose as students might distance themselves from it. And in today’s time, where technology is mostly used in everything and kids, especially gravitating towards it, it makes it an ideal approach for academies and institutes to incorporate technology into their learning process. They have interactive sessions with kids which include games and quizzes that fosters effective learning and develops keen interest towards the subject.

Moreover, as we have already mentioned earlier, the Quran for Kids is the USA and UK-based academy, two countries that are the most developed globally. Hence, the academy keeps themselves up to date with the pace with which technology changes, making it quiet technological advanced online Quran learning classes compared to their competitors.

Not to mention, we have not come across any Quran Academythat makes use of multiple mediums like Quran for Kids does; they have their own application as well as a website that makes accessibility easy. And the thought and effort they have put forward into designing their system, course, and making use of technology, we do not doubt that they will keep working to make online Quran classes more accessible and user-friendly by using more technological advancements as the years come by.

Wide Range of Profound Courses

We understand that this section of the review will be the most important to most of you, and it should be because a good institute is known for the courses it offers. And through the review so far, it wouldn’t be a big revelation to every one of you knowing that the Quran for Kids offers more detailed courses than their competitors. They provide some essential online Quran classes that, in our opinion, are of much value and importance.

This academy focuses not only on getting the course complete, that is, teaching what the course suggests; they take their time to make sure the content delivered is accurate and wholesome. If you go through every course they offer, you’ll be impressed to see the wide variety of courses they offer and how profound their outlines are. You know what you’ll be getting from the course you sign up for. They have a detailed section of every course, where the course objectives and features are listed out. And as you may have expected, none of the features are repeated; all of them have their distinct attributes that make this academy stand out; the thought with which they have designed their courses is remarkable. And you can clearly identify with every course outline, and it is evident that they focus not only on the more profound understanding of that particular course but also on Islam in general, which is highly appreciable. 

For a more comprehensive understanding of why you should learn the Quran online with,check their website.

Recitation of Quran with Tajweed

This course is ideal for any age group and no prior knowledge or command is required over the Arabic language. In fact, this course is designed explicitly by the tutors to help them with recitation, though it is not limited to them only. As a Muslim, everyone knows how to recite the Quran. However, it is not enough; reciting the Quran with proper tajweed is the correct way forward. This Quran Academy exactly does that they focus on teaching recitation of the Quran with adequate pronunciation fluently. They start with the course with the basics; first, they familiarize the student with Arabic and Quranic words and gradually start with the rules of Tajweed and slowly but steadily take them to higher levels.

Quran Translation

Reading the Quran with proper tajweed is not enough; understanding the meaning of the Quran and what Islam stands for can only be evident once people start to read the Quran with translation. Because not everyone is fluent in Arabic and understands it, so learning the translation helps. Honestly, it is upsetting that many people don’t understand Quranic Teachings and just focus on mere reading. However, this particular course Quran for Kids, does not make students familiarize themselves with the translation of surahs only but makes them understand one-to-word translation as well.  

Quran Memorization and Tafseer

Who doesn’t love to know Quran by heart? We know that we do and what’s best with this Quran academy that it provides equal opportunities for kids and adults to memorize the Quran with ease. The academy has designed the course in a manner that any demographic can master Quranic recitation and memorization with the proper understanding of Tajweed rules with ease. This makes this course more refine and supple than other Quranic memorization courses. What the academy does is that they provide their students with proper set schedules that will help the students in memorizing new verses and at the same time revise what they have already learned at their own convenience and pace, making it easier for them to cope up with class and learning.

Tajweed and Tarteel

Quran is such an interesting, surreal, and spiritual code of literature that provides us with the guidelines and stories of Islam and provides a soothing sensation when read. But when Quran is heard by someone having such a rhythmic way of reading it, the experience becomes even more surreal, and hence Quran for Kids have an interesting and different course where they teach the proper pronunciation of Quranic verses while also focusing on rhythmic tonality along with fluency in recitation, to have a more cohesive learning experience.

Basic Islamic Education and Daily supplications

We did not understand the value of this course before, but upon reading the outline, we were surprised that many Quran Academies don’t have this class in their curriculum. It’s an introductory course, in our opinion, as it provides the basis of Islam, and once the foundation is strong, the path to righteousness is easy as ABC.  From memorization to understanding Islam and its essentials of Islam and the Quran, such as how Islam came, what are Allah’s orders, what are the five pillars of Islam, and other historical events and attributes of Islam. The course also focuses on making students learn Salah and memorize some short Quranic Surahs.

Arabic Course

You may have seen Arabic courses being offered at university or other academies, but rarely a Quranic academy. However, in our opinion, it should be compulsory to know Arabic for Muslims as it provides a great deal of understanding. We all know that there are Muslims worldwide, practicing Islam to the best of their abilities; however, despite all of that, most of them don’t know Arabic or understand it. Hence such Quranic academies need to teach Arabic to get individuals more comfortable with the language so that they could understand the Quran better and can easily communicate. The course is specifically designed to familiarize non-arabic speaking students with the language,, the pronunciation of words, the grammar and making them able to formulate proper sentences beyond what is taught in the Quran. This course has various learning levels, from Modern Standard Arabic to Classical (Quranic) Arabic and Colloquial/Local Arabic, very essential for individuals leaning towards learning the Quran and Arabic.

Educational, Informative, and Engaging Blogs

Something you won’t see on such academic sites is the availability of Free informative and engaging blogs. One of the most interesting and different features we came across on the Quran for Kids website was their blogs, that we had no clue could be so vital in the journey to learn Islam. The blogs are accessible to everyone. Wide a wide range of topics covered in their blog collection, everyone can find something to their liking, from articles to stories, they have everything, and their archive is expanding as they post quite frequently. The most extraordinary thing about this feature would, by far, be the authenticity of the information provided. There is no denying that the content available is well researched, which is very important as it prevents individuals from getting confused and misinformed regarding information and events that have happened in the past as the internet can be perplexing in that regard.

Making Online Quran Classes financially accessible

Last but certainly not least, the factor that it all comes down to is Money. So we know all the great things about this Quran academy, but how financially viable is this alternative? You will be surprised to know that the Quran for kids is quite an affordable Quran Academy despite having such unique features. They offer various packages for individuals to choose from different price points; to know more about it, check their website. Other than that, they also offer a week-long trial period, which in our opinion is an excellent opportunity for individuals to familiarize themselves with the tutor and the courses before investing Money in a course that they may not enjoy learning. So having this trial period option is undoubtedly very useful, especially for people who are very skeptical about online goods and services.


Up until now, you must have a guess where our opinion lies; the reason for writing is review is to let all of you know why we stand by this academy and rave about it so much. There is no denying that learning Quran is an essential thing every Muslim has to do and should do. Still, various worldly challenges at times make it hard for us to follow through with this religious learning, and having online Quran academies such as Quran for Kids is the future for religious education. We fully support the emergence of it. And we should support such academies as they are promoting and working towards building an enlightened religious community and educated.

So, to sum up our review, it is safe to say that thoroughly recommends Quran for Kids; it is definitely one of the best Quran academies on the internet that are honest, accurate, and hard-working to provide individuals the best Quran learning experience.

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