Our Pick of the Best Recording Microphones in 2020

Do you want to become a vlogger or an influencer? The equipment used for this job may be too expensive for you. As a newbie in this type of work, your only tool is your smartphone or DSLR camera. They may have the best camera features, but their microphone can only capture the sounds without filtering features.

External microphones will level up your recording capabilities. You can become a podcast master or the best influencer in town once people hear your eloquent voice and expressions. Here are some of the best recording mics below that can help improve your audio quality.

Shure MVL

Shure MVL is the best external microphone for gamers, hosts, and podcasters or to anyone doing public speaking. This external microphone comes with a clip so that you can place it on your shirt or blouse.

Gamers will never have to worry about headphone cords getting tangled while they are playing with their phones or gaming consoles. It is also perfect for gamers who don’t like wearing headsets. Moreover, Shure MVL is also great for people doing lectures, interviews, or any public speaking that requires a lot of hand gestures.

What’s so great about Shure MVL? It is a practical choice for all smartphone users. You will never have to worry about compatibility issues since this external microphone can be used on either Android or iOS devices. It is also compatible with the ShurePlus app and other iOS and Android recording apps.

The Shure MVL microphone also comes with a foam windscreen tip to record your speech or lectures with clarity. It also has a windjammer option that reduces wind noise commonly from outdoors. This microphone is the best choice for someone who is starting out as an influencer of a blogger.

Rode Smartlav+

Want something that is popularly preferred on the market? People in the recording and video industry have adored the Rode Smartlav+ microphone. You can wear it like your typical headset, but here is the catch, it comes with excellent features great for recording!

This wearable external microphone comes with an omni-condenser capsule, foam shield, and durable mounting clip. The cable is also made durable and helps in your microphone placement, so you will never have to worry about even getting your mic stretched or broken.

What’s so good about Rode Smartlav+’s features? With the omni-condenser, it can easily catch the necessary sounds needed in the recording. The foam shield helps to record a smoother and noise-free sound or voice. Moreover, the clip has built-in cable management.

If you’re an Apple user, this external microphone could become your best recording buddy since it gets the best output when used with Apple iOS devices. Rode Smartlav+ also works with other smartphones in the market and is also compatible with various audio apps.

Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel

Want to level up your game in recording but can’t afford to purchase those huge microphones used by influencers? Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel will give you the most optimal recording output.

Purple Panda Lavalier is the preferred external microphone by influencers, vloggers, and short movie makers on a budget. It is best used with GoPro videos and gaming too. The stereo mic only gets the relevant sounds for recording, and it comes with a fuzzy windscreen to reject ambient sounds.

What makes this one of the most popular external microphones in the market? The Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel actually comes in a kit filled with the additional tools to help you with your recordings, such as a clip, drawstring pouch, an adapter, and an ebook. Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel is also compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Rode VideoMic Pro+

Ready to take it up a notch? Make recording videos experiences similar to the ones from the movies and interviews. Rode VideoMic Pro+ is a camera-mounted external microphone. It is designed mainly for DSLR cameras and audio recorders.

It captures the most comprehensive sound and reliable tone. Shooting videos with DSLR cameras already gives you the best visual output, but adding the Rode VideoMic Pro+ to the mix just levels up your overall work.

The Rode VideoMic Pro+ boasts its automatic power functions, built-in battery door, and digital switching. If the external microphone is not plugged into the camera, you can easily turn it off. It is the ultimate recorder for your short movies or interviews.

Sennheiser MKH416

When talking about recording capabilities, one brand always comes up to any list: Sennheiser. It is the go-to brand of anyone in need of better audio recording devices. Now, it brings us MKH416, a compact-gradient external microphone.

MKH416 is perfect for singers or anyone who is into music. The external microphone can be mounted onto mic stands. Its short interference tube can withstand humidity. If you have seen the long microphones used in movies to record actors’ voices, you can use the Sennheiser MKH416 for indoor and outdoor short video recording.

Musicians and students studying media-related courses love its unique features. The MKH416 has an incredible operational ability that prevents it from capturing wind and noises. It also produces a balanced sound and has a pick-up pattern of super-cardioid for low to medium frequencies.

Audio Technica System ATW – 1102

Now let’s proceed to a standard microphone model. The Audio Technica System ATW – 1102 is a handheld microphone similar to those you see in KTV bars or the ones at home. It is designed for TV shows and musicians on stage.

What makes this a popular choice despite being a handheld microphone? It comes with a full system with high digital fidelity. The Audio Technica System ATW – 1102 maximizes signal integrity with space, frequency, and time adversity.

Phenyx Pro PTU-5000A

If you want the ultimate family experience, the Phenyx Pro PTU-5000A comes with four wireless microphones. The external microphones are designed to absorb and transmit the necessary sounds that the group wants to be recorded.

Phenyx Pro PTU-5000A’s rack-mountable receiver has four XLR outputs and audio jacks to provide a flexible wireless microphone experience. The external microphones also come with LCD screens that will notify you of the battery life. These are the ideal microphones for longer parties and gigs since it can last up to 16 hours.


Suppose you’re an aspiring actor, singer, vlogger or even just a student wanting to record the most eventful days of your life. In that case, nothing beats recording these experiences that you can listen to even if you have become successful. Work your way on the big screen or make parties better by using the best external microphones available in the market today!

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