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Proven Ways to Calm Your Anxious Dog

Countless individuals across the globe find they spend more time at home now thanks to the global pandemic. While some people will return to their job in an office, others have learned they will continue working from their residence for the foreseeable future. Many men and women may never return to the traditional workplace. Their employers have opted to make their telecommuting a permanent thing.

As a result of these changes, quite a few men and women adopted a pet. They want companionship while they are home all day. Other people already had canine companions and now find they get to spend more time together. Regardless of which category you fall in, you need to make certain your furry friend has everything they need to stay happy and healthy. One thing every pet owner should invest in is CBD products for dogs. Researchers continue to look into CBD and how it helps pets live a full and happy life. What is CBD and why should pet owners incorporate it into their companion’s overall diet? Pure Relief helps answer this question.


Cannabis plants contain over 100 cannabinoids or chemical compounds. Most people think of THC when they think of cannabis because marijuana has gotten so much negative attention over the years. THC provides the high that many men and women associate with this plant. CBD offers many of the same benefits seen with THC use but comes with no psychoactive effects. A user gets the best of both worlds.

Hemp and marijuana both contain THC and CBD. Hemp plants contain more CBD and less THC. However, it’s the interaction of CBD with other components of the plant, such as the terpenes and flavonoids that benefit humans and animals alike. The chemical compounds work synergistically to boost the positive effects of the substances.

CBD and Dogs

Dogs and humans share certain characteristics, although most humans don’t recognize this. Every mammal comes equipped with an endocannabinoid system, one that produces endocannabinoids or naturally occurring cannabinoids. Researchers continue to examine the endocannabinoid system to determine its functions in the body, but they know it helps maintain homeostasis in the system. When the body is challenged or stressed, the system works to keep the body’s internal processes functioning as intended. CBD, along with other cannabinoids, works within the system to achieve this goal. As the endocannabinoid system in dogs is much like that found in humans, researchers believe CBD products benefit dogs just as they do humans.

Calming Effect

CBD helps dogs who fear thunderstorms and other loud noises. Pet owners know how distressing it is to see a dog frantically trying to escape these noises with no relief. CBD products help to calm the dog during hard times while mitigating stress-induced behaviors. As CBD is safe and natural, most dog owners find they can use it every day to relieve separation anxiety or during challenging times, such as when storms roll in and disturb the pet.

Additional Health Benefits

The aging process affects canines much as it does humans. Body and brain functions decline, and the pet may lack energy. Playing frisbee or fetch becomes more difficult for the dog, and they may suffer from body aches and pains. Researchers continue to study why this occurs, and they believe a decline in endocannabinoid production might play a role. Using CBD products could help maintain the dog’s immune function and brain health, much as it does in humans.

CBD Product Options

Dogs respond best to CBD when they absorb it through their oral mucous membranes. For this reason, pet experts recommend oil-based products the dog consumes to maximize the benefits of CBD use. CBD oil remains the preferred option of many canine owners, as they can incorporate the oil into the dog’s food or put it on a treat before they ingest it. Some manufacturers now offer treats with CBD already present in them, and pet owners must know what active ingredients come in the treats to complement this CBD.

For instance, pet owners often purchase CBD treats that also include herbs known as nervines. These herbs soothe the pet when they are stressed, and owners often select products that contain chamomile, passionflower, or valerian root. Other canine owners choose products that contain antioxidants and essential fatty acids to support the dog’s central nervous system. Finally, CBD products that also contain turmeric, glucosamine, and chondroitin help keep the dog’s joints healthy while allowing them to remain more flexible. This ensure the dog continues to get the physical activity they need regularly.

Topical products serve as another option pet owners should consider. For instance, dogs with skin conditions often benefit from a topical CBD lotion or a gel. Pets with sensitive skin find they can get relief when use CBD topical balms, as these balms help maintain normal skin moisture. Speak to the veterinarian to determine which products might provide your dog with some much-needed relief or allow them to live a healthy and happy life.

Choosing CBD Dogs for Pets

When purchasing CDB products, make certain the ones you buy are designed for dogs. Certain ingredients found in CBD products intended for human use, such as grape seed oil, are toxic to dogs. Furthermore, certain companies use synthetic ingredients or contaminants in their products to keep costs down. Be sure to read the ingredient list to know what you are getting, and request lab results from independent providers to verify the quality of the product.

When comparing products look for the National Animal Supplement Council’s stamp of approval. This Quality Seal shows the company underwent and successfully passed a facility audit and remains in compliance with rigorous standards of quality. Pet owners know they are getting a product they can trust when they see this seal.


Pet owners want to know what dose they should give their furry friend. This depends on the animal, as dogs are more sensitive to CBD than their human owners. Start with a low dose, see how the dog tolerates it, and increase it if needed. When dogs ingest too much CBD, they become drowsy, but this wears off. If a product provides dosage information based on weight, follow the guidelines on the label. The liver processes medications and supplements. Keep this in mind, and work with the vet to ensure you provide the right dose and there won’t be any interactions.

CBD benefits many dogs just as it does humans. Speak to your vet today to see if you should incorporate CBD into your dog’s diet. You might find doing so improves their life in a variety of ways.

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