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Reasons and Solutions of Having Poor Internet Reception At Home

For household users, having a slow internet connection can become disruptive. There are different reasons why you are experiencing a slow internet speed. This happens even if you have subscribed to a premium internet package that promises you to get outstanding internet speeds and features. The reason is very simple and logical. You might know that for a page to get loaded on your computer screen or an email to reach its final receiver, a whole process is involved. This requires several devices that communicate with each other and get things done for you. Also, when you have a slow internet connection, you start pinging your Internet Service Provider or the company that powers your internet service at home. But before that, whenever you are having a problem with your internet service again, look at the following aspects that can help you out with the best solutions to boost your internet speeds:

Make Sure You Have a New Router

There is a lifespan for everything that we use. Your router is one of them. If you’re having a slow internet reception, there is a high chance that your router is kind of outdated. If your router is more than a couple of years old, it is time to replace things. Ask your internet service provider if they can do something about getting your router replaced for you.

Make Sure You Have Configured Your Router

Check out that you have configured the router you have in a way it should be. To do this you can refer to the manual or the papers provided to you by the manufacturer. Also, the website of your router company has the necessary information to get your configuration done.

Your Neighbors Might Be Sneaking Into Your Network

Some people can’t let go of a free lunch. Your neighbors or the people living next door might be among such individuals. The reason is that no adequate security or passwords are protecting your Wi-Fi and so your Wi-Fi connection is a hotspot for them where they can enjoy a free internet connection without letting you know. Hence, you will get a slow Internet connection.

There Might Be a Plug-in Using Up Your Bandwidth

You need to make sure that none of the plugins or add-on features that you download on your browser are working in a way they shouldn’t. You experience a slow internet connection if they are running in the background.

Your System Might Have Got Infected By a Virus OR a Malware

If a virus or malicious software is residing in your system, it will slow down internet speed as well. These programs are designed to sneak into your system and infect them without letting you know about their presence. You will notice that your bandwidth is not operating as intended and there is enough damage caused to your network and devices connected to it. So, it is better to look out for such malware while you surf the internet.

Let us now have a look at some key solutions that you can try out if you are experiencing a slow internet connection in your home:

  • Make sure that you have placed your router in a place where it can get you strong Wi-Fi signals. If you have placed your router at a location that is too high from your home, then there is a very strong chance that you might not get proper internet reception in other parts of the house.  Also, it should not be in the corner-most position in the home, this way the other parts of your home will not be able to get full internet coverage. Select a central location so that you get internet signals in every part of your home.
  • Make sure you know the services that you are paying for. Always get details about the internet service or the internet package that you are looking for. In this regard, the customer service representatives can get you accurate information on some hot deals, promotions and packages that they might be offering. You can also have a look at the different packages offered by Spectrum. Spectrum internet bundles and Silver package Spectrum can be beneficial for you.
  • In case your Wi-Fi router is being troublesome, there is no need to panic. You can initially do something as simple as restarting your router and then see if it is working properly or not. If it is not  working properly then maybe it is time to call your internet service provider and ask them to sort this out by checking the internet service in your area or by replacing the router.
  • Check out the number of users connected to your network if you think that you or any other user is not using one of their devices, then you can lower the burden then turning off the network on one of your devices and not burden up the network.

If you’re conscious and concerned about their internet speed, you should always take extra care when it comes to buying your router or the internet service in your home. You can also keep in mind that if you are using an affordable service, then it will be something that is going to perform better you can always compromise on the price but on the quality of service that you want to use.

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