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Reasons For Having Adequate Preparation and Earn CompTIA A+ Certification

Technology keeps growing rapidly to meet unlimited industry demands. CompTIA is one of the technology corporations which ensures that IT professionals have adept skills and knowledge to solve real-world problems. Today, we are going to embark on one of the credentials which is provided by CompTIA. Sit back, relax and let’s dive into the CompTIA A+ credential and related exams.

About CompTIA A+ Certification

The A+ certification by CompTIA is designed for specialists who want to validate their skills in basic technologies. This credential is updated once in three years to equip candidates with the latest skills and knowledge that they need to possess and become real problem-solvers in the constantly changing IT world. To earn this credential, candidates are required to pass 2 exams namely:

  • Core 1 (220-1001) – it covers networking technology, mobile devices, virtualization, hardware, network troubleshooting and cloud computing.
  • Core 2 (220-1002) – it focuses on the installation and configuration of Operating Systems, expanded security, operational procedure and software troubleshooting.

These two exams play a very important role in ensuring that candidates can:

  • Showcase solid security skills for Information Technology support specialists
  • Configure operating systems for devices
  • Troubleshoot and provide solutions to real-world problems while applying best practices
  • Provide technical support to networking and IT infrastructure
  • Configure software and hardware devices
  • Backup and recovery data

Besides, these two exams have some distinct features which you should be aware of as you plan to take one of the exams in the future. The key features include the following:

  • the maximum number of questions per each exam is 90
  • the type of questions includes multiple-choice, performance-based and drag and drops
  • passing score for 220-1001 is 675 while that of 220-1002 is 700 both on a scale of 100-900
  • it is recommended that every candidate must have 9-12 months’ hands-on experience in field or lab
  • the cost of each exam is $226

Why adequate preparation is very important

To pass the two aforementioned exams and get certified, you have to prepare efficiently. Most of the successful candidates recommend that candidates should take a practice test to familiarize themselves with the key concepts test in the main exam. Adequate preparation with practice test is very important in the following distinct ways:

  • The practice tests mimic the main exam, thus, you gain skills to tackle various exam questions. Therefore, opting for practice tests in your prep process is of great use for you to have real experience of the main exam.
  • Practice tests also help candidates identify their weak areas before sitting for the main exam. Therefore, filling in them and getting the concepts appropriately.
  • Last but not least, it is only a practice test which can help the candidate learn how to manage their time. This because you have an option to measure the time you take to complete a test.

Career Prospects

According to the latest revelation by, the average annual salary a professional can earn upon getting certified is $61, 316.


Upgrading your skills to match the industry demands is a perfect way to remain relevant in your area of expertise. The CompTIA A+ certification is your perfect step to help you launch your career in IT. Get the right tools and start preparing to nail the two exams required. All the best.

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