Shilajit to Improve Immunity

Shilajit is a substance, usually stiky in nature, which is found in the various mountain ranges. This substance is commonly used as an alternative and hollistic medicine because of the positive side effects that it leaves on an individual’s health.  This substance has many health benefits, which increases its ability to improve one’s immunity. Shilajit is used to improve a person’s immunity through the following ways;

Helps in increasing Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a sex hormone in men that gives men the urge to have sex with opposite sex. However, there are men who experience a reduction in this hormone, which in turn negatively affects their sexual life. Studies have been conducted and the results have shown that men who use  shilajit supplement experience an increased testosterone levels. This increases sex drive, reduces fatigue and improves on hair growth.

Increases Fertility Rate

Shilajit has been used to improve on the male fertility rate. One study was conducted where a group of men were given the shilajit supplements to take every day for the next 90 days. The results showed that after the 90 days, all the volunteers experienced a higher rate in their sperm count. This shows that shilajit is very effective in improving a man’s sperm count, in turn increasing his ability to have children.

Improves the Heart health

The heart is a very important organ in the body. However, it is very prone to dangerous diseases that are mainly caused by a person’s immunity levels and lifestyle. Shilajit has amazing properties that makes it effective in improving the heart health, preventing it from suffering any cardiac arrest. A good heart health means that an individual can go about their daily activities without straining or worrying about any cardiac attack. However, before using this product, you should check with your doctor to determine if it is safe for you to use the product. This is because shilajit supplement should not be taken if an individual has an underlying heart condition or heart disease.


Being overweight is not something that anyone wants. This is because overweight individuals tend to be physically inactive, which weakens the body’s immune system, in turn creating room for diseases to get into the body. Different studies have been conducted on people who are obese, to determine the effectiveness of the shilajit supplement. Most obese people who took this supplement became very effective and could withstand hours of exercise. This means that the supplements boosted their immunity and made their body to be resistant to quick fatigue.

Proper brain functioning

When an individual’s brain is functioning properly, he or she can do various activities well and make sound decisions. Individuals who took shilajit supplements had increased brain functioning. In addition to that, these supplements were proved to be effective in aiding in Alzheimer therapy. The compounds that have been used in the production of these supplements have proved to be effective in controlling different brain disorders, in turn leaving an individual healthy and able to make sound decisions.

In summary, shilajit is a sticky substance, usually found in the rocks of various mountain ranges: Caucasus, Himalaya, Siberia, South America, even Antarctica. This substance has proved to be effective in improving an individual’s immunity in that, when taken, it enables the body to function normally, and strengthens the immunity in such a way that a person is able to fight illnesses without fully relying on medication. Consequently, shilajit supplements have also been used to increase low testosterone levels, hence improving a man’s sex drive and overall health. Therefore, for a stronger immune system and healthy heart, a person can take shilajit supplements as long as they do not have any heart conditions.

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