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Showing Your Products at Trade Shows

Are you running a business that sells physical products? If so, you cannot argue that you will need to market your product extensively. And while there are extensive ways to market your products, the 21st century has seen the inception of more ingenious techniques that are efficient and productive.

Today, trade shows are avenues for businesses to market their products through exhibitions. According to recent statistics, businesses that exhibit their products in trade shows actually make sales to 80% of their subscribers. 

Although you may argue that this is a small number, you should factor in that your intention was not to sell but to market. After all, the core aim of exhibiting in a trade show is to show potential clients how your products work as well as letting them know how they can get their hands on your product. 

At the same time, consumers always attend trade show exhibitions to get the feel of your product, see it, and compare multiple products in a bid to choose the best.

Tips to Successfully Exhibiting Your Products at a Trade Show

Professional Designs to Stand Out

One of the crucial factors to consider is to ensure that you have an amble booth. For instance, Exhibits NW offers top notch custom trade booth design to best show

off your brand.

Plan Ahead

Like any other venture, ample planning goes a long way in determining your exhibition’s success. To effectively gain your target audience’s attention, it’s imperative to plan ahead for the actual event. 

First, ensure to make a comprehensive list of all the tasks that you need to complete before attending the trade show. Additionally, make an effort to make announcements about your product on different media outlets. Even better, you can utilize social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to make consumers aware of your product. 

Remember that getting everything into order in advance will ensure that everything runs smoothly during the event. 

Actively Engage The Visitors on Your Booth

Setting up your booth space on the trade show floor is not enough. You will have to ensure that you get value for your money by utilizing your space properly. And what better way than to utilize your booth space by actively engaging potential customers?

Actively engaging your customers is not an easy task. You will have to employ competent product managers who are not only good at engaging with the customers but can elaborate on all aspects of the product with ease. 

While at it, go further to make presentations as to how your product works. Extensively elaborate on the benefits of your product compared to others in the market—however, its prudent not to mention any competitor names while making your presentation. 

You can as well ensure that your project manager answers all questions and inquiries made by the visitors. This will enhance your image as a formidable brand, but it will also develop trust with prospective buyers. 

Come Prepared With a Press Kit

If you are looking to launch a new product or simply want to market your current products further, it’s of utmost importance to have a comprehensive and detailed press kit on your booth. In fact, you should amply prepare your press kit before going for any trade show. 

Since you cannot carry out every inch of preparation on your own, ensure to work with your PR department to prepare and release photos and any other relevant information about your product to the press. Don’t forget to have a number of advertising brochures in your booth.

This will save you ample time advertising your product on the trade show market and create wide awareness for tour products.

Have Promotional Items on Your Stand

Coupled with the fact that promotional items can act as reminders about your product, they also ensure that consumers keep coming back to your product. Regarding the expectations and preferences of your consumers, it’s of paramount importance to design and offer personalized promotional items directly related to your business. 

For instance, instead of printing the name and logo of your business alone on a promotional item, go further to include the name and picture of your new product. At the same time, ensure to include relevant giveaways, e.g. iPods, USB’s, and any other accessories, if you are launching a gadget.

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Lakisha Davis
Lakisha Davis
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