Silicon Valley donates $15 million to the five major tech giants of the Democratic Party

As the US presidential election approaches in November, Silicon Valley’s support for the Democratic Party is becoming clearer! Employees of five major technology companies such as Apple and Microsoft have so far donated US$15 million to the Democratic Party’s election. Among them, streaming giant Netflix has the strongest support, and about 98% of the political contributions go to the party. In contrast, the most supportive Republican Qualcomm employees’ political contributions accounted for only about 50%.

According to data from the website of the Independent Supervision Organization Interactive Political Center (CRP), the top five technology companies Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google parent company Alphabet and Facebook employees donated a total of about $15 million to Democratic candidates, while Republican candidates only Get less than 3 million dollars.

This means that the Democratic Party’s proportion of political contributions to the technology industry has risen to 84% this year, which is higher than the 68% in the 2016 election and 79% in the 2018 midterm elections.

The political stance of technologists is generally left-leaning, and the amount of money donated to the Democratic Party has always been higher than that of the Republican Party. This imbalance has widened after the Democratic presidential candidate Biden defeated his primary opponent.

The data shows that Biden’s political contribution from the technology industry is about 12 times the amount of Trump, the Republican presidential candidate. Biden received more than 92% of donations from the top five technology companies.

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