Sliding mobile phones and watching TV will not cause astigmatism

Modern people hardly leave their phones, and there are a lot of problems such as myopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Many people think that excessive eye use can also cause astigmatism. However, doctors said that sliding mobile phones and watching TV is not the cause of astigmatism. The reason behind it is mostly genetic. Cause.

Many people know that they have astigmatism, but they do not know the cause. “Good Morning Health” reported that Chen Yingshan, director of the ophthalmology department of the Hsinchu Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, pointed out that astigmatism is a congenital problem and has nothing to do with watching TV or playing electric games. It is completely It comes from the inheritance of parents and is related to the innate shape of the eyeball. As long as it is not a perfect sphere, everyone has theoretical astigmatism, but the degree of severity is different.

Chen Yingshan said that because some people have slight astigmatism and no difference can be seen during optometry, it is not necessary to wear astigmatism when wearing glasses; however, astigmatism will cause blurred vision and ghosting. In order to see things clearly, the eyelashes The muscles will work harder and cause visual fatigue, so it is recommended to ask a professional doctor to wear suitable glasses to protect your eyes.

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