SONY robot production line assembles one PS4 in 30 seconds

Using robots to make game consoles and improving production efficiency have become an important strategy for SONY’s automated production. According to Japanese media reports, SONY’s robot production line at the Chiba Prefecture plant in Japan can assemble and produce 2 PS4 game consoles per minute. In the future, the new generation of game console PS5 will also be produced on this production line.

SONY’s factory in Kisazaru, Chiba, Japan has built a high-speed assembly line managed by robots to produce PS4 game consoles. It takes less than 1 minute to assemble a PS4, and an average of 2 can be assembled in 1 minute, which is equivalent to 1 hour. Can produce 120 units. As of now, the world’s PS4 has sold 110 million units, which is the best game console product currently sold by SONY.

Beginning this year, the production line of SONY Kisarazu Factory will be used as the PS4 and PS5 two-generation game consoles, including PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5 and PS5 digital version, a total of 4 game console production bases.

This plant has been in existence since the production of PS1 as early as 1994. At present, 32 robots produced by Mitsubishi are operating in the Kisazaru plant, 26 of which can connect cables, tapes and flexible parts. The production line has a total length of 100 feet (about 30.5 meters) and only 4 operators.

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