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South Indian Wedding Jewellery Trending this Season

Wedding is one life event when people spend with their full heart and do not really calculate so much. It is a once in a lifetime event that the bride and groom cherish for the rest of their lives along with their family.

From the wedding décor, to the wedding trousseau, everything is selected with much care and love. Apart from these, another important aspect that holds high importance is the wedding jewellery of the bride. Weddings in the Southern part of India are known to be simple and elegant but what really stands out is the bride and the saree and jewellery that she wears.

We have curated a list of the top South Indian Wedding Jewellery Trend that is popular this season. We hope this helps you or someone you know who might benefit from it!

  • Antique Matt Jewellery – antique jewellery is special as they add a certain kind of charm and charisma to anyone who is wearing it. it makes anyone who wears it feel like an absolute diva. It is sure to get people talking and look at you with a mix of pride and envy. Next time you spot some vintage 3 gram gold earrings designs, make sure you catch hold of it at the earliest!
  • Kundan jewellery – the love for kundan jewellery is something eternal and one that is not going away anywhere any time soon. Kundan designs is like old meets new where traditional designs get a complete makeover. These jewelleries are typically made in gold or silver and have stones like emerald, ruby among others to add to its ever-green beauty. The way in which the stones are set to make the design is where the charm and appeal of kundan jewellery lies.
  • Temple jewellery – a speciality of the southern part of India, this type of jewellery has stood the test of time and has been in trend despite the season. This type of jewellery has designs of different Gods and Goddess and are a sheer testimony to how talented our craftsman are. They have intricate designs that ooze magnificence and are extremely distinctive in nature. They are made of pure gold and may also sometimes have other gemstones added for that extra oomph.
  • Kemp jewellery – this type of jewellery is one that revives an individual’s love for gold and colour by weaving it intricately in style and ethnicity. This type of jewellery is excellent for intricate detailing, elaborate designs and incorporating colourful gemstones in them. All in all, it makes for the perfect type of jewellery for brides given how larger than life it tends to look.
  • Flower jewellery – while a lot of gold jewellery is worn during the main wedding function, brides this season are moving to wearing simple flower function during ceremonies like Haldi and Mehandi. It gives a very fresh and natural look to the bride and looks extremely stunning at the same time. 
  • Spike and coin jewellery – this type of jewellery has small coins in this various layers and designs and is extremely trendy to look at. It also has some spikes dangling from the layers which gives it a very contemporary look. It looks great with various types of Indian attires and can be used and worn for multiple occasions.
  • Multilayer Haram Jewellery – this type of jewellery is like a royalty on your neck. It adds the much needed glam and oomph to a bride’s outfit. Next time you are doing 2 gram gold jewellery online shopping be sure to look for multilayer ones as it will stand out.
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