Super demon stock on Wall Street! Tesla soared 70 times in 10 years

Tesla’s share price has skyrocketed. It has been 26% bigger in the past few days, and it has broken through the $1,000, $1100, and $1200 barriers. Now, more analysts are optimistic that its share price will rise to a high price of $2,000, compared with 1208 on Friday. The dollar is 66% higher.

Tesla’s stock price has experienced ups and downs, and the rise in stock prices has not been steadily increasing at all, so it is called “demon stock” by the outside world. Foreign media reported that investment bank Wedbush analyst Dan Ives pointed out that the strong demand for Tesla Model 3 from mainland consumers is expected to push up its share price, which is expected to reach a new record of $2,000 per share in the next 12 months, which means The price rose by 66%, but he also reminded that this must be achieved under the best conditions.

If calculated at $2,000 per share, Tesla’s market value is expected to reach $370 billion. At present, only US, US, Amazon, Google parent company Alphabet, Facebook, Buffett-owned Berkshire Hathaway, and Jiaosheng are the only ones whose market capitalization exceeds that figure.

If calculated according to the IPO price of $17 ten years ago, as of July 2 closing price of $1208, Tesla’s stock price has increased 70 times since its listing, the increase is quite violent.

However, some people think that Tesla still has not proved that it can continue to make profits, and CEO Musk often makes controversial remarks and has a conservative view on Tesla’s operations and stock prices.

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