Take care of your windows during this winter with these tips

Winter is all about keeping yourself warm inside a house. But windows and doors play an important role in keeping the house warm. Heating your house during the winter season is mostly about your furnace but if your doors and windows are broken or drafty you won’t be able to keep warm. The broken doors and windows let in a lot of cold air and let out a lot of heat during the winter and with this situation, your house won’t stay warm even your heating system is very efficient. There are different types of windows in every home, so get custom windows for your home in Canada.

Here we have a few tips that can help you by keeping windows and doors ready for the winter season. 

1. New doors and windows might reveal their problems: If your windows and doors are newly installed last summer or a month before the winter season, they tend to spot drafts and other problems. During the winter months, these things tend to reveal their problems as compared to the summer season. You can notice that material can contract or expand because of cold weather. It also becomes exposed to precipitation that further leads to heat leakage. Some doors and windows tend to change their shape too.

2. Clean your doors if they’re dirty: More than often, the problems are dust and debris jammed in your locks, window’s net and doors. These can create problems while keeping the door shut.  One would be surprised to know how little dirt or debris can take to interfere with the proper sealing of your door or window. If they are not closed properly, it will let the cold air go through. So, it is important to clean the sills and door jambs. As for windows, try cleaning hinges and window net with a dry paintbrush. It will clean sand, dirt, or leaves nicely.

3. Energy-efficient windows may not be that effective: Energy-efficient windows are really popular in cold areas. They have been around for a really long time and date back to the 1920s. but they have been upgraded since that time. The advancement brought insulated glass, double-glazing, the low-emissivity glass that can be installed in home windows. They could be a great choice in winter but replacing the old windows with energy-efficient is really expensive deal. And the outcome is not that effective. But if you want to replace them, try the most recent version. Hire a trusting company such as Ottawa Windows if you want to save money. They will do quality work. Also, this way your heating bills will be low.

4. Your thermal curtains can cause negative effects: Thermal curtains can be great during the summer season, but they block out the sun rays and ultimately you can feel cold. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in favor of many people living in cold areas. In the winter season, you need sunlight as much as you can get. Without it, your house will stay cold all season long. Changing your curtains may be a good idea for the winter season.

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