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Teach the Holy Quran to Children

Learning of anything is not as difficult as he wants, but learning of the Holy Quran Allah Almighty has made it easy for the believers. However, the parents must cultivate a sense of importance regarding the Holy Quran in your kids. No doubt, the Holy Quran is the main source of wisdom and understanding. It’s more than just a holy doctrine – it’s a way of life for Muslims around the world. This holy book is the cornerstone of Islamic teachings, and the Muslims lead their lives accordingly. It is indeed a scripture which directs Muslims through every step of their lives. Unfortunately, the Holy Quran’s importance on kids is lost by the parents. They do not realize the importance of the Holy Qur’an learning, listening, and recitation. As your parents, you are accountable for imparting in them the sense of value that your mother and father have built within you for the Quran. However, tutors in online Quran classes can assist your children in imparting this learning of the Holy Quran. So, it is pertinent to inform you that teach the Holy Quran to children.

The Holy Quran, the sacred book of Allah, has a wealth of knowledge. However, parents already know about this wealth, but they should not ignore it for their growing children. Once parents start imparting the value of the Holy Quran learning in their children, then it would be helpful for their children to bring light in their future life. So, it is pertinent for the parents to make their children learn and recite the Holy Quran on a regular basis. However, several reasons make this sacred book important, so you would love to let your children learn and recite this Holy Book. These reasons are unfolded below:

Knowledge of the Islamic Education

The Holy Quran has universal truths that can penetrate children’s and adults’ hearts alike. You seek a new truth each time you recite the Holy Qur’an, and then you become better as an individual. Trying to teach your kids how to read and recite the Holy Quran involves integrating a great Islamic education with normal schooling.

The Way to Create Family Bonding

The basis for respecting one’s parents can be established early in infancy if children are forced to learn the Holy Quran’s reading and recitation. That will inevitably lead to a strong parent-offspring relationship that can last for an entire life. Even this way increases the family’s overall spiritual wellbeing. This is what the Muslims required to let their children learn the Holy Quran on time.

The Benefits of letting Your Children Learn the Holy Quran at Early Age

It is also necessary for the parents to look at their children early that how much they require this Islamic knowledge for them at a young age. So, there you would know about the benefits of learning the Holy Quran at an early age.

It is when the baby is looking up to his parents, and because of his total attachment to his parents, they can easily direct him. It’s also the time when the child’s consciousness is solid, and its mind is clean. The child is prepared mentally to obtain and to memorize whatever information he is instructed. Similarly, one old age saying states that “Memorizing is like carving into a rock when young.” It is not easy to remove something engraved into a rock, so it continues to remain as the generations go.

On the other hand, the memorization of somebody who committed to memory in his young days will continue to be strong for a long time, particularly if endorsed by systematic and structured review. Remembering the Qur’an and learning Surah Waqiah how to recite properly throughout one’s childhood is an effective and rewarded strategy. The Religious Successors of that Ummah were commonly practiced.

Examples of the Scholars and Benefits of Learning Holy Quran at Early Age

Apart from this, Al-Waleed ibn Muslim stated, “if we just had to stay in the group of al-Awzaa’ee and that he would see that a new boy with all of us, he would ask him, have you memorized the Qur’an?’ If he said ‘Yes,’ al-Awzaa’ee would say, ‘If he said ‘No,’ al-Awzaa’ee would ask him, ‘Go and memorize the Qur’an first until you seek knowledge.

There are too many of our Faithful Ancestors who memorized the Qur’an at an early age to count. Imam Ibn al-Jazaree’ (may Allah have mercy on him), one of the Qur’an’s prominent scholars, identified one of those great scholars as:

He is one of the scholars Zayd ibn al-Hasan ibn Zayd, Taajud-Deen, Abu al-Yumn al-Kindee AI-Baghdaadee. He was a trader, Qur’an scholar and writer, a grammatist, scholar of eloquence, a linguist, and a Hancifee.

He stayed in Damascus and was raised in Sha’baan, 520 AH, in Baghdad. He finished memorize entire Qur’an through oral repetition, under the supervision of the grandchild of al-Khayyaar, at about the age of seven, which again is incredible.

Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that while he was just ten, he fulfilled the study of the ten modes of Qur’an recitation. However, no one could do this talk at this age before him, so it was an inspirational story of the real man.

Evermore incredible is that he had a long and healthy life and also had the shortest string of narration in Qur’an and hadeeth. He lived more eighty-three years after reciting the ten recitation modes. We don’t know about that occurring to anybody in Islamic history. “[Ghaayat an-Nihaayah, vol. 1, p 297].

This wonderful blessing (to memorize Qur’an in childhood) was passed down through generations as it is honored from Allah Almighty to this Ummah.

However, most of the scholars have experienced it and asked the kids, including non-Arabic speakers, who, according to the age of ten had committed to memory the entire Qur’an. So, it is the intention that learning Qur’an online is the best way to let your kid learn the Holy Quran. This is Allah’s great blessing that He grants on whom the He wishes, and Allah is of great bounty.

Therefore, the best age for the child to start memorizing the Qur’an is three years before puberty. It is estimated the least age. It is because the nearer the kid is about the onset of puberty, the wider his desire range, which may then weaken his willingness to memorize the Qur’an.

Unless the child will start memorizing only at the age of 5, then this would be ideal. This will cause the kids to achieve correct pronunciation since the very start of his studies. The tutors create the curiosity scene so that a child can get interested in learning and memorizing the Holy Quran.

Furthermore, his heart would be loaded with illumination whenever Allah’s words will be the first words of wisdom that penetrate his heart. We are certain the importance of this wonderful gift is evident to such knowledgeable readers as you.

Before tutors start teaches the Quran online, it is necessary to convince the child to study and recite the Qur’an, so that he gladly and affectionately does so without the force. It is because kids differ in their intelligence levels, cognitive capacity and mindsets.

It is written and produced that, regarding the Pious Predecessors, Ibraaheem an-Nakha’ee said, “They used to dislike educating their kids unless they could fully comprehend.” That’s because the child may not have been capable of carrying this very assignment but may get frustrated with this, and tutors are attempting to solve this problem in Quran teachers online. He could eventually disrespect the Qur’an even without fully understanding it. And Allah Almighty is the best known.


It is to inform you that the Holy Quran is the sacred book revealed by Allah Almighty. It is the duty of the parents to teach this sacred Holy Quran to their children. Undoubtedly, you have reviewed the benefits mentioned above for learning the Holy Quran at an early age for your kids. So, you should let your kids learn the Holy Quran at a very early age, as mentioned above. Apart from this, they can get more inspirations from the scholars who are also mentioned above. Thus, learning the Holy Quran should be taught to kids at an early age, for more details visit Quan For Kids .

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