The benefits of lemon for the skin

Dark spots, imperfections, radiance: lemon is the citrus fruit that has everything good for our soft skin.

It’s well known, nature is full of miracle ingredients for our beauty routine. Today, we are interested in the benefits of lemon, a natural ally for all skin types. Be careful however, if you have sensitive skin, it is better not to abuse it!

For Oily skin

Full of citric acid, lemon is an excellent purifier, which makes it an ally in the fight against acne. Its acidity makes it possible to regulate the production of sebum and to help the healing of small marks left by pimples.

As soon as a pimple appears, soak a cotton ball in a little lemon juice and dab it gently on the area to be treated (and on previously cleansed skin). If you have blackheads, you can cook a purifying roll-on, based on aloe vera, grapeseed oil and lemon (or tea tree) essential oil.

For Mature skin

Lemon is also rich in flavonoids and tannins. Behind these two little scientific names hide powerful antioxidant powers, which help boost the skin’s natural defenses. This is why many cosmetic brands, like La Canopee, use lemon in their anti-aging cosmetics.

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