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Things to Know About Enamel Pins

An enamel pin is a versatile piece of accessory that can be attached to a jacket lapel, clothing or bag. There are two kinds of enamel pins- soft and hard, with each one having its own use.

Custom enamel pins can be made for a variety of purposes, including brand promotion, employee appreciation and more. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing them- you can choose a logo, a cartoon character or even a short phrase.

Soft Enamel vs Hard Enamel

Hard and soft enamel have a number of differences, mainly on how they appear and how they’re made.

A soft enamel has a textured feel as the material isn’t level to the metal outline. As such you can choose a detailed design at a lower cost. They’re not as durable as hard enamel though.

Hard enamel will have a flat and smooth finish, but you can only pick a simple design. They’re the best when it comes to durability and can retain their color and shine for a long time.

GS-JJ has every enamel pin you’d want for your business or for personal reasons. You can get high quality and customized pins for branding purposes or as a gift to a friend or loved one.

Further Enamel Pin Customization

Thanks to technology there are a number of things you can add to enamel pins.

An LED light may be attached to it and can be used to highlight the logo or branding. Manufacturers can create lenticular designs that shift depending on the viewing angle. You can also opt for a spinner pin, which will have a spinning mechanism for that ‘wow’ factor.

You can opt for custom challenge coins for special occasions or when you want to commemorate a unique event. You can make a design of your own or choose from pre-made templates.

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Lakisha Davis
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