TikTok star Siya Kakkar dies aged 16

Siya Kakkar, a young Indian star on the TikTok social network with nearly 2 million subscribers, killed herself this week.

Social networks have completely reshuffled the popularity cards. Exit the “child stars” spotted thanks to famous TV shows. Today, any teenager can reach glory thanks to his talent, his originality or even his physique. Unfortunately, this sudden popularity is sometimes accompanied (not to say often) by pressure, “haters” and sometimes even violent threats.

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more recently TikTok welcome a lot of bad spirits that can really hurt. It is also a star of this last platform who paid the high price this week.

TikTok platform hit by tragedy

On Thursday June 25, Siya Kakkar killed herself by hanging at her home in New Delhi. This 16 year old young woman was a real star in India with her TikTok videos on which she danced and sang, always smiling. An attitude which surprised her relatives who did not expect such a gesture at all: “I spoke to her agent, Arjun Sarin, who had been in contact with her the day before for a musical collaboration. said she was in a good mood and perfectly fine.

Even he has no idea what went wrong for her to follow this path, “says photographer Viral Bhayani, who used to work, on Instagram with the young woman. An investigation has been opened by the authorities to determine the exact causes of his death, but Siya Kakkar is said to have received numerous threats in the days preceding his gesture.

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