First off, what even is an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface. In short the API gives you, the developer, a bunch of operations that you can use along with a description of what they do. You don’t need to know how it works, you only need to know that it’s an available feature that can be used for your own application.

In this article I have listed 11 of the best APIs out there on the market that might be worth your time.

Wallet API

If you are making a game with an interior economy or creating a network of electronic equipment that reports details and transactions, there are good chances that you are going to need a ledger.

Wallet API tracks all sorts of transactions like deposits, withdrawals, and transfers between accounts and reports them to the user.


The IEX is a stock exchange developed to minimize the power of flash trading applications. It gives fast matching and execution for both of the users (Buyer and Seller) of publicly traded stocks.

This free of cost API facilitates a JSON packet filled with rates, quotes and expands from international markets like NYSE, CBOE, and Nasdaq.

Weather Map

Open Weather Map is the best and simplest way to check the temperature, precipitation, wind direction, and more information to the users. They collect all the data from the major national and government agencies.

Sportmonks Football Data API

Football APIs will give developers all the information they need, in order to create betting websites, odds portals, fantasy games and match prediction pages. SportMonks’ football API offers more than a thousand football leagues worldwide. Their football API has the latest and most up-to-date information about players, matches and leagues.


This API allows you to discover innovative companies. There’s a whole community of start-ups waiting to be discovered. Crunchbase API is similar to the Sportmonks football API, instead of getting data about teams, you get data about various intriguing companies worldwide.


The NASA space program’s API is the best way to explore space through their available photographs from the explorers of Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and beyond. The API itself is free for everyone to access. The real fun, though, is in the parameters because some of the APIs use otherworldly measures.

U.S. Census Bureau

The real counting happens only every 10 years. The U.S Census is always up-to-date. The Census APIs provide numbers that measure how societies shift from year to year and decade to decade.

They count people and companies and a few other things like health insurance. This raw data could be very important for planning where to expand or where to look for new customers.


Flooding your customers with emails is the last thing you would want. Mailrecipe ensures that your customers will always receive a maximum of one email per day, irrespective of how your system is designed.


Lob is specialized in printing and shipping messages, postcards, letters, or bills. It’s much more modern, compared to the old-fashioned way. Your welcome letter or past due notice goes directly into the API, along with all the addresses, and Lob takes them and grinds out a well-crafted message.


Skyscanner is great for finding cheap airplane ticket. This API is ideal for comparing various flights and their costs. This API runs through several thousands of airline fares and services and picks up the best choices for the user according to their indicated needs.


The Botometer is an API that gives the rating of a Twitter account based on its activity level in the near past. It also determines how likely that account is under bot control. The Botometer gives indices indicating whether the account is run by a bot or a human

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