Top 4 Advantages of Using Aidite Digital Dental Milling Machine

Many dental laboratories and technicians are studying CAD / CAM technology and figuring out how to deal with the digital future in order to meet the personalized needs of customers and provide solutions with a high aesthetic. It has been proved that it is critical to choose a suitable dental milling machine that plays a vital role in every dental laboratory step. To meet every customer’s requirement, we need an appropriate solution to support. The Aidite dental milling machine enables the dental laboratory to coordinate with each other in a comprehensive CAD / CAM product portfolio composed of materials, dental milling, and services.

AMW-400 is a digital dental milling machine newly launched by Aidite, which is characterized by four-axis linkage, wet processing, energy-saving, and environmental protection. It is mainly used for the digital processing of glass ceramics, preformed titanium columns, composite materials, and other dental restoration materials. In addition, the equipment with high-performance and powerful spindle can achieve faster speed when cutting a variety of materials. There are 6 milling-tool can change automatically according to different materials, which meet the high productivity of your dental laboratory.

4 Advantages of Using Aidite Dental Milling Machine

Efficiency and Accuracy

Adite dental milling machine adopts high-performance water-cooled spindle to realize the rapid processing of dental restoration materials – titanium column and glass-ceramic materials. It takes 15 minutes to process a bionic tooth in personalized abutment and 20-25 minutes for a glass-ceramic, which greatly improves the efficiency of the dental laboratory and the demand for different dental restoration materials.


Aidite dental milling machine is in an integrated casting structure, with a high-precision screw guide and a harmonic reducer to ensure the machine runs stably. What Aidite offers you is the best solution for dental restoration materials toward the future. It is particularly suitable for large dental laboratories and milling centers with a speedy and powerful dental restorations industrial scale.


There are six milling-tool in the Aidite dental milling machine that can be automatically replaced to adapt to the characteristics of different restorations. It is committed to achieving the high aesthetic appearance of dental restorations and meeting the growing automation needs of medium-sized dental laboratories. The equipment will also automatically detect the length and damage of the tool, then send out a prompt. Predictive maintenance enables the dental laboratory to better deal with unexpected situations when the dental milling machine is cutting and effectively reduces the maintenance cost.

Compatible with Any Open CAM Systems

Aidite dental milling machine is compatible with any open CAM systems. CAD / CAM is an efficient dental laboratory technology used in dentistry for decades to help dentists provide high-quality dental services for patients and simplify the dental repair and creation process. The use of a dental CAD/CAM machine means that one CAM software can control multiple dental milling machines to achieve efficient operation.


Aidite is committed to innovate products and improving the user experience. Its dental milling machine has a touchable operation panel, making it easy for users to access effective manufacturing processes and industrial manufacturing quality. And the direct interaction between a user interface and a milling machine becomes easy. The good cooperation of each system can achieve independent and consistent production of dental restorations. The equipment also supports remote control and multi-language switching allowing dental technicians to deal with specific needs of the laboratory more conveniently.

As everything seems to be going digital, it’s no surprise that dental labs do so. CAD / CAM has been used in dentistry for nearly 20 years, and its popularity and utilization rate are also increasing with the latest development of technology. The dental milling machine is an indispensable part of dental CAD / CAM technology; thus, choosing the right one is significant. There is no doubt that Aidite is your capable digital partner, supporting dental technicians and dentists throughout the digital processing chain for you.

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