Top 5 Emerging Lash Brands

Lash brands need to actively display their skills and versatility to stay relevant in the beauty industry. This involves mastering the latest makeup, fashion, health, and beauty trends to come up with eyelash trends that have the potential to attract clients. Eyelash-savvy individuals are always in search of quality products that would complement their unique beauty ideas and skills. Hence, eyelash brands must be equipped with products to cater to their needs.

As one of the crucial makeup trends in the beauty industry, eyelash brands continue to increase in folds. However, with so many lash brands out there, how would you know which ones to choose from? You need a trustworthy brand that has amazing deals and products to offer you. A brand that provides you not just with spectacular but safe products. In this article, we provide you with an in-depth analysis of 5 emerging brands and why they might be the best choice when it comes to picking out incredible falsies.

1.      Lashify

This lash innovation system is designed for a radical way of applying lashes at the comfort of one’s home using salon-quality products. Lashify provides a lash control kit that includes all the tools needed to customize your own unique eyelashes. These kits are modeled to especially accommodate the skills of eyelash beginners.  Their lashes are cruelty-free, elegant, and affordably priced. The CEO and founder of Lashify is Sahara Lotti.

2.      Ashley Kennedy

An emerging online brand owned by the couple CEO, Ashley, and Devin, Ashley Kennedy is your best choice for your safe, lush lash extensions. Their products are cruelty-free, suitable for vegans and animal lovers. Offering a selection of quality synthetic, faux mink, or mink eyelashes, they have a lash for everyone and every event.  The brand is headquartered at Floor Redwood City, California but they safely make deliveries to all cities. Some of their best-selling products include; San Diego Lash, Oakland Lash, LA and Napa Lashes. Be it long-lasting products like their 3D Lashes, you stay up-to-date on eyelash trends with them. Their eyelashes have been described as soft, fluffy, and offering pure comfort to the eyes by elite customers.

3.      The Queen’s Lash

Queen’s lash is a U.S based cosmetics brand that has a line of the best custom and handmade lash extension pieces. Asides from dealing in cosmetic products, they make top-notch mink and faux mink eyelashes for their eyelash subscribers. They provide a subscription box for all their customers which includes a beautiful, quality pair of natural eyelashes made from the finest Mink and Faux mink. Their mink eyelash comes in different styles and lengths and is reusable up to 30 times if taken proper care of.

4.      Koko Lashes

An American company that deals prominently in the 60’s false lash styles. From their Goddess, Queen B, Allure, Marilyn, Foxy Lash styles, to mention a few, you are sure to find the perfect lash for you. Their lashes are made from high quality, sterilized fiber, synthetic or human hair materials. Customers admire their products because they are cruelty-free. Their collection of eyelashes ranges from the simpler, more natural looks to dramatic ones. They also offer a spectrum of accent lashes and lower lashes. Their products are very popular and available for purchase on different online beauty stores like Lady Moss, Glam wink, and the Palette beauty shop. Many Physical stores situated in California also stock up their products.

5.      Red Cherry Eyelashs

If you are looking for eyelash extensions in all shapes and sizes, Red cherry is your guy. Their products are 100% handmade from human hair, they’re also latex-free and cruelty-free. Red cherry prioritizes quality and is known for its lightweight and comfortable lashes. Every lash is designed to naturally emphasize different eye shapes and create various effects. From short to longer extensions, you can always find one that fits your eye shape and style.

Choosing The Right Eyelash Brand

The best thing about emerging brands is their brand personality and ability to make products that differentiate them from their competitors.  These brands are becoming prominent for creating the most natural-looking false lashes you would find in the beauty industry. These brands offer several styles, patterns, and types of eyelash extensions available at your disposal.

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