Top Three Advantages of Installing Industrial Fume Extractor in Welding Workplace

Why does it need an Industrial Fume Extractor in welding workplace

The composition of smoke and dust in welding fume is very complex, and the main harmful substances are Fe2O3, SiO2, MnO, HF, etc. These toxic substances can seriously damage human health and cause many occupational diseases, such as lung cancer, asthma, eczema, bronchitis, skin allergies, respiratory infections, and so on. These smoke and dust can even cause central nervous system disorders, damage to the digestive system, and cause complications and death.

What is Industrial Fume Extractor?

An industrial fume extractor or smoke exhauster is a kind of purification device specially designed to treat a large number of airborne metallic particles that are harmful to the human body during welding, cutting, and grinding processes. It has a light and flexible structure, and easy operability. Smoke exhauster can protect the environment and the health of workers.

The industrial fume extractor comprises a fan, filter chamber, pulse or manual dust cleaning, electric control unit, and flexible suction arm with a dust hood. The air distribution design of the smoke exhauster is reasonable, and the resistance loss is small. Industrial fume extractor has the advantages of small size, flexible movement, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.

Top three advantages of installing Industrial Fume Extractor in welding workplace.

1. Establish a healthy work environment

As we all know, welding has hazardous and harmful smoke and fumes. Installing a welding fume extractor in the welding area ensures that all the fumes are removed from workspace to avoid health risks to the worker in the immediate area. The smaller the welding particles, the greater the harm to the human body. Therefore, smoke exhauster is very important to any welding industry.

2. Reduces absenteeism

A healthy and safe workplace can reduce absenteeism. If the working environment is unhealthy and unsafe, the employees are likely to meet mental and physical health problems. Additionally, the cost of treatment from time to time due to poor quality or no smoke filter may be expensive.

3. Improves employees’ motivation with a safe working environment

Equipped with an efficient smoke exhaust system, a healthy and safe working environment will lead to an aggressive workforce. They will work actively and will not suffer from long-term illnesses or even the risk of long-term illnesses. Employees who work in a safe and healthy environment will be better physically and more energetic. These employees will focus better on their work without worrying about the harsh working environment.

Why should we choose VILLO Industrial Fume Extractor?

As one of the well-known dust removal equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, Villo integrates R&D, production, and sales. Villo has always been committed to provide the best-in-class dust removal equipment.

There are many kinds of Villo industrial fume extractors. According to different needs, Villo has developed various welding fume purifiers, such as the plate and frame type welding fume purifier, which has multi-stage filtering units, and the filtering efficiency reaches 99.9%. The activated carbon filter of an industrial fume extractor can effectively remove the peculiar smell. With PWM speed regulation, the purifier’s air volume can be adjusted according to the dust situation.

The filter cartridge type welding fume purifier can be used for working conditions with a relatively large amount of sub-micron dust. The self-cleaning pulse back blowing function can clean the filter cartridge. With the universal suction arm, the filter cartridge can be freely bent and stay, which is convenient for customers to use.

Villo can solve the dust problem of single-point working conditions and provide a complete solution for multi-station dust removal. Besides, Villo can customize dust removal equipment and design dust removal piping systems according to customer needs.

Villo industrial fume extraction systems can effectively process dust, protect the health of welding workers, avoid secondary pollution, and provide a clean working environment for operators.

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