Trade association builds epidemic prevention sharing platform

The Foreign Trade Association, in cooperation with National Taiwan University Hospital and National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch, held today (6) a video seminar on “Taiwan’s Specialized Medicine Applied in African Epidemic Prevention” to share the experience of anti-epidemic with African countries through topic sharing and promotion High-quality medical treatment in Taiwan.

Huang Zhifang, chairman of the Foreign Trade Association, said that the Trade Association last month established the “Taiwan National Epidemic Prevention Pavilion” facing the world, combining Taiwan’s successful epidemic prevention experience and a complete epidemic prevention industry to help countries suffering from the epidemic. In the past few months, it has facilitated the medical teams of our country and the epidemic prevention medical video conferences in India, Southeast Asia, Central and South America and other countries.’

It has also successfully matched the medical needs of many foreign countries for the domestic epidemic prevention industry. This time, the epidemic prevention service has been extended to On the African continent, the National Taiwan University medical team is invited to talk directly with public health officials and doctors in more than ten countries in Africa to share their experiences.

Zhu Jiayu, Chief Executive Officer of the National Medical Center of National Taiwan University Hospital, said that National Taiwan University Hospital is Taiwan’s oldest national hospital and the frontline of Taiwan’s epidemic prevention. From SARS to this coronary pneumonia, National Taiwan University Hospital has rich experience in epidemic prevention. We It is the responsibility and obligation to share the epidemic prevention experience with everyone and assist the world in epidemic prevention. We hope to share our experience with friends from African countries through this video conference.

Vice President Ma Huiming said that Taiwan’s advance deployment was carried out in December last year, border control and passenger tracking, and internal control of passengers returning from the epidemic area to segregate public places to comprehensively measure body temperature and mass transportation control, of which the most successful The policy is the policy of wearing masks for all people in Taiwan. Establishing a national team of masks, mass production and control of masks, so that everyone can wear masks away from the spread of the virus. Therefore, the economy and life of the people of Taiwan have not stopped functioning. One of the countries.

Huang Zhifang said that the global new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic continues to heat up. According to the latest data from the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), as of July 3, the number of diagnoses has exceeded the 410,000 mark and has spread from urban to rural areas. Now that Africa is facing a severe epidemic, Taiwan will contribute its efforts to enable Africa to better understand the advantages of Taiwan’s medical services and enhance the image and popularity of Taiwan’s medical services in Africa.

Huang Zhifang said that because of Taiwan’s SARS epidemic prevention experience, the government has deployed ahead of schedule, integrated scientific and technological epidemic prevention and resources in various fields to reach a gold-level epidemic prevention standard. It should share Taiwan’s successful experience in epidemic prevention with other countries to help fight the epidemic.

In order to create an epidemic prevention sharing platform, the colleagues of the Foreign Trade Association must achieve their mission. Within two weeks, the website of the “National Epidemic Prevention Pavilion” was completed. The website combines experts from all walks of life, more than 2,000 anti-epidemic manufacturers, more than 10,000 products and 20 medical institutions to provide One-stop service for the world, looking forward to helping the world to alleviate the epidemic situation.

Huang Zhifang further stated that in the future, the CCPIT will continue to provide relevant courses through the National Epidemic Prevention Museum to help Africa fight the epidemic, and at the same time promote Taiwan’s digital smart medical system services and market Taiwan’s medical technology and services. In addition to the medical industry, it will also strengthen digital and physical economic and trade promotion activities for African countries, and help Taiwanese companies deploy throughout Africa.

A total of more than 361 medical staff from more than ten African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, and South Africa participated in this event. Among them, the Nigerian epidemic prevention commander and Kenyan Ministry of Health staff also participated in the discussion online and expressed their hope to communicate with Taiwan’s health authorities have further cooperation in medical treatment and epidemic prevention.

Participants in this event included Vice President Ma Huiming of National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch, Director of Medical Secretary Chen Chongyu, Director of Infection Control Center Lin Qiying and Director of National Taiwan University Hospital Infection Control Center Chen Yijun. They shared “Taiwan’s epidemic prevention experience-from the country, the community to Topics such as “Personal Epidemic Prevention Operations”, “Hospital Epidemic Prevention Case Sharing” and “Sharing New Coronavirus Pneumonia Cases from Respiratory Therapy”.

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