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What is Beard Balm and Why Should I Care?

Whether a guy already has a beard or is just considering growing one, he probably has many questions about how to go about doing it and how to take care of it once he has grown it. That’s only natural. A lot of men have questions about beards, especially how to grow one, and how to keep it looking good.

When it comes to beards, the product that seems to be on everyone’s minds is beard balm. Unfortunately, not too many guys know what it is or how to use it. Making matters worse, even looking at the products themselves doesn’t seem to yield too many answers. at Bossman we’re all about beard care and providing you with all the answers you have about growing a beard and making it look good.

Beard Balm: What Does It Do, and Why You Should Care?

When it comes to hair care, ladies think they have all the answers. Unfortunately, to a great extent, they’re right. When there’s a commercial for hair care products on television, who is it geared to? The ladies. When you think about it, the trouble is that even though ladies might know a lot about hair care, what would they know about growing a beard? This situation puts guys into an uncomfortable position when it comes to growing a beard and keeping it looking good. Unfortunately, when it comes to getting serious answers to these problems, guys are often on their own.

One of the first problems that men encounter regarding hair care products is telling them apart. After all, although most guys know the difference between shampoo and conditioner (thanks, ladies), when it comes to the difference between beard oil and beard balm and other products, we’re out in the cold.

Whether a guy has a beard or not, the chances are good that he considers having a thick, shiny beard the epitome of masculinity. The trouble comes when a guy looks at his beard–or at least what he thinks passes for one–and often sees anything but. The beard a guy sees in a mirror is not only lifeless and dry, but scraggly and thin.

What a Difference a Balm Makes

Any guy who wants to see his beard go from what he has to what every woman likes should consider using a beard balm. This is not to say that beard oil doesn’t have a place in a good beard care regimen. It’s only that it’s different. Most professionals recommend that men use both beard oil and beard balm on their faces. This is because beard oil and beard balm both serve to moisturize the hair on your face. Most professionals recommend using both products on a longer beard, while beard oil should be used on shorter beards, and only during the early stages of beard growth.

Balm conditions your beard and makes it more manageable. It also helps a guy style and shapes his beard. Bottom line: use it, you’ll be glad you did.

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Lakisha Davis
Lakisha Davis
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