Which is the most reliable online bookmaker?

When it comes to betting online you need to be aware of the bookmakers reliability and their guarantee of safety.

In this article we are going to do our best to bring the most honest review of the online betting website Bet-at-home. Before we lay out all the pros and cons, we’d like to emphasize that became really popular over time due to their consistency and variety of options that are being replenished regularly.

Bet at home history

Bet at home has been present on the market since 1999, which speaks volumes of their consistency and trustworthiness. In 1999 just three months after publishing their website, Bet at home was offering online bets. Their headquarters are based in Malta.

Bet at home is a fully licensed online betting website all over Europe. That cannot be said for most other websites and makes Bet at home fully compliant in most European countries, including the UK.

Just some of the licences worth mentioning are the one from Malta Gaming Authority, the German licence issued by the Interior of Schleswig-Holstein and the licences from UK Gambling Commission and the Irish government.

Bet at home is also compliant with Responsible Gaming and certified by Essa, the European Sports Security Association, which proves the safety and security of your personal information and money. All the above mentioned governing bodies make sure you’re treated fairly.

Why choose Bet at home

The information available today on online betting can be overwhelming. The pros and cons can also be confusing and/or mutually exclusive. We recommend staying on top of the situation by regularly reading the news and updates related to this topic.

What turns some people away is a fact that you feel pressured to bet online right after you register. Bet at home gives you a period of 90 days to try out your luck.

Not only that, but they also give their new players a Bet at home welcome bonus in the amount of 50% of your initial money transfer. A welcome bonus is offered on most online betting websites but the one on Bet at home can be as high as 200 euro. Basically, to receive the welcome bonus in this amount you need to transfer 400 euros to your account and opt in for the said bonus.

Other unique bonuses related to Bet at home are the winner of the day and get me 60. The winner of the day really is self explanatory, meaning that once a day by random choice a winner is picked and can receive 50 euro additionally. They only need to register on their app on that day. The get me 60 bonus can get you a unique 60 euro voucher also by random choice. To become eligible to receive this voucher on Bet-at-home, you just need to insert your correct mobile number on the site and wait for the SMS with directions on how to activate it. Convenient right?

Bet-at home also gives Bore Draw Offers. When you place an online bet on a certain team winning or predicting the first goal scorer, and the match ends with the result 0-0, you get your money back and the wager categorizes as a winning one.

There are details to look out for even with this promotion. For example, Bet at home applies this offer only on certain games. You need to register in advance for this bonus and the reimbursement comes in a form of betting credits that have to be converted 3 times at a minimum rate of 1.50.  

Bet at home online platform and interface are one of the best

Bet at home website is available in 11 languages and has one of the best customer service desks. Not only are they available via email and live chat but on the phone as well and 24/7. Being aware of the importance of online presence and constant updates, Bet at home is known for their activities on social media like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Their online platform and interface are one of the simplest ones to use. That’s not bad at all when you think about it. When you bet at home there’s no need for complicated interfaces or endless options that can only confuse the player.

The website doesn’t suffer any delays and is really easy to navigate. The lack of delays on Bet at home makes in-play live betting much easier, as the odds are frequently updated.

Even though they don’t offer horse racing in their menu, the odds on football are definitely worth your while. We could say that the Bet at home brings best odds in case of the most important secondary thing in the world, i.e. football.

Other than football, Bet at home brings very good odds and promotions that concern handball, volleyball and basketball. In addition to sports you can also bet on certain social events. Just some of the events Bet at home offers you to play are Oscar winners, Eurovision winners or even if you think that people would land on Mars by 2025. Also, if you believe that it would be proven that the Earth is a flat board by 2025, you can bet on that at odds of 50.00.

For the fans of virtual sports and esports there are a variety of options on their website including games like Counter Strike, League of Legends, Dota2, Arena of Valor, StarCraft Broodwar and Rainbow Six.

Bet at home slogan is ‘Life is a game’ and they offer over 7000 different betting options on a daily basis. No wonder that there are over 4.8 million players registered on their site.

Once you decide to bet online, you don’t have to stick to just one site obviously, but if you choose only Bet-at-home, chances are you will not be dissapointed.

Final thought

Online betting is very popular and can be used as a way to earn a little extra money. It could take a little time before you achieve your first substantial income this way, though. One advice would definitely be to stick to the bookmakers that have been present online for some time and guarantee safety like Bet-at-home.

What we suggest is taking your time to do an extensive research on both bookmakers and history of matches.

You can always turn to https://www.stavidoma.com for directions and most useful tips. Also when you do decide on the online betting website take time to go through their T&C to get a better vision of the rules to stick to. 

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