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Why Do Bikers Love Harley-Davidson Motorcycles?

Harley-Davidson has become synonymous in many consumers’ minds with motorcycle culture. There’s more to it than just brand recognition, though. Harley motorcycles have a long and storied history, but they’re still considered some of the best bikes available on today’s markets. Read on to find out what all the fuss is about.

They’re built to Last

There’s a lot of hype around Harley-Davidson motorcycles, but it would be a mistake to assume that it’s just about fitting in with the crowd. The primary reason Harleys have become so popular among real motorcycle aficionados is that they’re built well and they’re built to last. It’s often possible to find used Harleys through the American Motorcycle Trading Company that run just as well as they did the day they came off the manufacturing line.

They’re perfect for Long-Distance Traveling

Harleys are extremely reliable on long-distance rides. That’s just one more part of the puzzle as to why it’s so common to see cross-country motorcycle travelers riding Harley-Davidson bikes, but it’s an important one. The company’s heavyweight models also feature long wheelbases and greater rake angles for even more stability, which is key on long rides.

They’re Highly Customizable

Ever wonder where the nickname “chopper” came from? It’s easy. Harley-Davidson bikes are highly customizable, so motorcycle mechanics are known to strip them down, “chop” them up, and piece them back together as new bikes. “Choppers” are easy to work on and use easy-to-find parts, which makes many bikes in the Harley line perfect for those looking to perform their own customizations.

They Keep Their Value

When bikers buy Harleys, they don’t have to worry about the return on their investments because these bikes keep their value incredibly well over time. If riders keep their bikes in good condition, they may eventually be able to sell them to collectors for a pretty penny.

There’s a Strong Community

What avid biker doesn’t love having a strong community of other motorcycle enthusiasts to turn to when they want to get advice, head out for a group ride, or just have someone to talk to about recent upgrades and customizations? Harley-Davidson enthusiasts are all about community. That means bikers can trust that whether they’re just riding around their home towns or are heading out for a cross-country adventure, they’ll be able to make friends and find help from other bikers whenever they need it.

The Role of Popular Culture

Harleys have become synonymous with the American dream of freedom and the open road. They can be seen in all kinds of movies and TV shows, which means most people can recognize them instantly even if they aren’t into motorcycles, themselves. Riding a Harley gives bikers the chance to feel like they are participating in popular American history.

The Bottom Line

There’s a reason so many riders love Harley-Davidsons. This ubiquitous American brand has a long history of producing fun to ride and easy to work on motorcycles that are built to last, and the brands newest offerings are poised to uphold this tradition. Whether it’s used or new, a Harley is a serious investment perfect for serious bikers.

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