Why do you need to get your blue light glasses from Specscart?

With the lockdown upon us, we are spending more and more time staring at screens- whether it’s laptop, smartphone, tablets or our laptop. The only problem with our unhealthy digital relationship is that our eyes are paying a big price for it. That explains the growing rage of blue light glasses among every gamer, employees or literally everyone with smartphone obsession.

If you are living under the rock and don’t know what blue light, then you must catch up, like immediately. Prolonged exposure of blue light emitted from the screen results in various eye problems, discomfort and even the risk of retinal damage.

Why is blue light so harmful?

Blue light, a short but high energy light that’s healthy for us when emitted from the sun, but extremely harmful when emitted from our digital screens. These light rays CAN’T be filtered out from our eyes, making blue light continuous absorption possible.

Frequent blue light emission to our eyes increases the risk of retina damage and severe eye diseases such as macular degeneration. Plus, blue light isn’t just harmful to our eyes, it also suppresses the releases of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin that’s responsible for our sleep/wake cycle.

Blue light is the main culprit behind your frequent eye-strain, blurry vision, headache, double vision, dizziness, dry-eyes and burning sensation. As our eyes are continuously bombarded with these lights, it’s impossible to avoid getting these harsh eye conditions.

The only way to prevent such unbearable eye condition and discomfort is by spending less time on our screens. But let’s be real – can we really get rid or detach ourselves from our smartphones, even if we in our personal lives, professionally it is not viable. So it’s quite obvious we can’t steer clear from our digital devices, we must look for other alternatives that cease our eyes problems.

The most effective solution is investing in glasses frames online with a blue light coating. These blue lights don’t ask you to get rid of your digital devices yet resolve eye discomfort and problems. These handy pairs of glasses with blue light filters help to continue working on screens without having to experience eye strain. You don’t need an optician prescription as blue light glasses come with both prescription and non-prescription lenses.

With growing eye problems, the demand for blue light is also touching the sky. The current struggle is finding the right buyer for blue light glasses. Due to the growing demand for blue light glasses, the eyewear market is saturated with millions of new blue light glasses. So, where do we find the best one?

Enters Specscart, your Manchester-based startup that offers blue light glasses on all of their eyewear. You can simply visit their website and pick any of your favourite frames.

Why makes Specscart the best brand for blue light glasses?

Specscart is a young startup that offers all men and women’s glasses in blue light under 24 hours dispatch. Plus, the startup offers a high-quality lens and frame, that promises improved comfort, ease of wearing and style. With more than 1000+ frames, you can get your blue light glasses in casual, formal, funky, hipster, chic, elegant, or contemporary style. Apart from exquisite design and quality, all Specscart lenses come fully loaded with anti-glare, anti-UV and anti-scratch coating for FREE.

Blue light glasses from Specscart provides –

1. No more digital eye strain – Bid farewell to all your eye problems and discomfort with blue light glasses. The lenses help to block or reflect incoming blue light rays from entering the eyes and ward off all fatal eye problems while staring at the screen.

2. Improves focus – Blue light glasses help you to see quite clearly whether you are on a small or large screen. The lenses block the unwanted glare along with the blue light, allowing your eyes to see clearer than ever.

3. Great Style – Although you don’t need a reason to look good anytime, blue light glasses happen to come in an excellent style. While playing video games, working at the office, or scrolling Instagram on your couch, there’s nothing wrong in looking the best. Amazing style for women and men’s glasses, starting at only £29 with free shipping and returns.

4. Reduce glare-  If you feel the glare from your surroundings and from the digital screen is too bothering and uncomfortable to work, then just wear these glasses. If your blue light glasses come with an anti-reflective coating, also known as an anti-glare filter then you’ll see a decrease in 99.9% of glare and better vision.

5. Improve our Sleep Quality – As mentioned before, blue light rays entering our body suppress the release of a sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin. Which makes our brain think it’s daylight and it keeps you alert, active and AWAKE the whole night.

When your body finally exhausts, you tend to feel sleepy, until it’s too late and you’ve spoiled your healthy sleeping habit by now. It might be a shocker, but yes, blue light also affects our sleeping pattern. In such a situation, blue light glasses help significantly by blocking the light from entering and keeping our natural sleep/wake cycle in

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