Corona from Wuhan to Taiwan

Chen Shizhong, the commander of the Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center, announced today that from now on, people returning from Wuhan to Taiwan no longer need to be locked in a centralized quarantine office, as long as they stay at home for 14 days.

Chen Shizhong said that Wuhan returned from charter flights and class charters to centralized quarantine. After May 8, the 150 people who came back one after another were in the centralized quarantine office, and no harm was observed.

Therefore, those returning from Wuhan will not need to concentrate quarantine and return. home quarantine. If there is no place, you can go to the quarantine hotel.

In addition, the humanity and medical treatment are not satisfied, and after the discussion, it has been slightly relaxed. Once in three days, once an hour, now it is a negative certificate. It can be once a day in three days, excluding driving.

You can go outside for two hours. Meet the needs of everyone handling humanitarian events. However, it is still reminded that although the relaxation is carried out, personal social distance must be maintained.

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