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Xiao Zhan won the gold broom-youth Award

A few days ago, at the annual “Golden Broom” award ceremony, combined with the opinions of expert judges and netizens’ votes, it was rated as “the most disappointing actor”. Naturally, he did not go to receive this “award”, after all, he is still working hard, eager to become a good actor. In recent years, when it comes to “traffic” stars, it seems to imply that they only rely on face value to attract fans, but their acting skills are not ordinary. In fact, there are many young actors like this who put down the burden of traffic and continue to challenge themselves, brave and Work hard, this is what youth should look like.

Those who are familiar with the film and television industry know that Hollywood has the Oscar Award and the Golden Raspberry Award for bad films. The “Golden Broom” award in China is somewhat similar to the Golden Raspberry Award. This is the first award for the worst film of the year in the history of Chinese-language films sponsored by the “Young Film Handbook”. Now it has been held for the 11th time. The original intention is to Starting from the text of the film, with a professional standpoint, independent identity, and the use of film criticism to influence film creation, the awards set up to spur Chinese films. After all, in addition to praise, film and television works also need a little criticism.

This year, Xiao Zhan was named “the most disappointing actor” because of his performance in “Zhu Xian 1”. The award speech given by “Golden Broom” was: “The character did not stand up to the end, Xiao Zhan could not give the character charisma, the performance was too hard, there was no sense of integrity, the character became a puppet. He did not know how to control the character, after demonization Only focus on the external form, and no psychological changes can be seen. The communication with the opponent lacks rhythm, and there is no spark or wave in the interaction.”

Many viewers watched Xiao Zhan become popular in the past year, and they all complained about Xiao Zhan. Especially when fans encountered some idols and encountered some criticism, they would certainly offer the most classic rebuttal, “Do you know how hard he works?” Therefore, Qingsong, the main programmer of “Youth Film Manual” explained, “We evaluated the film award. Xiao Zhan won this award for “Zhu Xian 1”, and did not deny the other works of Xiao Zhan. The film “Three Shots” directed by Zhang Yimou “At that time, I also won the “Golden Broom Award”, but this certainly does not mean that Zhang Yimou directed all the works. In addition, the actor’s hard work and fear of hard work are the basic qualities that an actor should have.”

Facing criticism, Xiao Zhan may wish to learn from Wang Baoqiang. In the 11 years since the founding of the “Golden Broom” award, Wang Baoqiang was the only openly accepted “winner”, Wang Baoqiang said, “Although I also know that the “Golden Broom” is not a particularly glorious award, but it can spur me to progress, I love Film, I respect the film, respect the audience, and respect the predecessors present.”

There are Bi Zhifei, Shenyang Xiao and three times who won the “Golden Broom” award. They also faced criticism, made adjustments and reflections, and gave them the award scene. It is also an applause of encouragement, such an attitude can win the respect of more people and grow up.

If you listen at the same time, you will be obsequious and secret. If only the cheers and applause of fans are in your ears, why don’t you live in a fairy tale world? Young people need to humbly accept spurs and criticism if they want to grow up.

Although Xiao Zhan did not come from the acting class, he always tried hard to play a good show. He went to see the dramas he played in “Oh, My Majesty the Emperor” and “Super Star Academy”, and then “Chen Qingling” The progress in the performance is obvious. As for the picking, it is unfortunate to step on the thunder. After all, Xiao Zhan became popular in 2019, but the shooting of “Zhu Xian” was in 2018.

At that time, Xiao Zhan was not a “top stream”, but only a person who did not know him. A few small actors, can have a movie let him be the actor, even dare not think about it. Now, Xiao Zhan has the opportunity to choose. He starred in and has been put on the broadcast schedule. It is said that he may also play Hu Ge in the anti-epidemic drama “The Most Beautiful Retrograde Happiness Community”. I really expect him to prove himself with strength. No longer “the most disappointing actor”.

Speaking of the opportunity to partner Hu Ge, Xiao Zhan is worth asking him for advice. In the traffic era, Hu Ge is more like a “retrogressor”, almost does not participate in variety shows, and never intentionally maintains his own heat, but the first shot is a fine product, whether it is still, they are excellent works, these two works directly It laid the foundation for him to become a strong faction in the traffic era. Only this “red” can last.

It is worth mentioning that he was also studying. After being “scorned” by his performance, he also decided to calm down and precipitate his acting skills. Recently, posters of suspense dramas have been exposed online. What people are looking forward to is the wonderful matchup between Luhan and the powerful faction Wang Qianyuan. It can be seen that Luhan wants to get rid of the title of “traffic niche” and brings a fresh face to everyone.

In addition to learning from seniors, growing up also requires your own efforts. There is Yi Xi Qianxi worthy of praise. His performance in China is obvious to all. In the movie, Xiao Bei, who plays the lead actor Yi Xian Qianxi, has superb acting skills, completely retreating from the tenderness of singing on the stage, just like a strong feeling. In addition to movies, his acting skills have also been online, allowing the audience to see the growth of the teenager. You have to know that Yi Xian Qianxi first made her debut by singing, and her acting skills can be said to be in the top. Today’s performance is derived from his love and hard work in acting.

Although it is difficult to tell from a movie whether a “traffic niche” is transformed into a strong faction, but at least it can be seen that their growth and progress, in short, they, the future of the youth! When more and more “traffic niche” put down their burdens, shame and courage, then set themselves up and improve acting skills, this is a blessing for the Chinese film and television industry.

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