Xizhigongba Park intends to cut greenery

Located in the reserved area of ​​”Public Park” next to Xizhi Park in New Taipei City, it covers an area of ​​about 2600 pings and is lined with trees. The city government plans to create a park for senior citizens. Municipal councillor Bai Juru found that he planned to “level out” the green space. Build a communion park, call for rescue of shade, maintain the characteristics of the original forest, and retain this “city lung” comparable to Daan Forest Park.

Bai Juru pointed out that in the era of global warming, the city is getting hotter and hotter, the unique Keelung River, Jinlong Lake regulate the temperature, and the lush greenery of Gongba Park, even the Japanese architect Tadao Ando advocates that “the city should be diverse The trees are beautiful”, so she firmly opposed to cutting down the trees, and asked the planning unit to leave these trees no matter how they designed them!

Bai Juru said that this green park is quite precious, it can be said to be “the heart of Xizhi”. The trees with a diameter of more than 10 cm in diameter include more than 20 tree species such as blackboard trees, autumn maples, and ribs, and nearly a hundred large trees. She thinks that one tree It is very difficult to grow such a tall tree. “As long as the tree stays, the birds will stay, and the ecology will stay.”

Bai Juru said that the clusters of woods can allow young children to run in the park, and the shade can avoid sunstroke, and the public can also enjoy the full amount of fendol in the vicinity; as for the popularity of communicative toys in recent years, which are relatively expensive and are traditional facilities 3 to 4 times, you can refer to foreign parks, mainly based on the original integration of landscape facilities, do not need to follow the wind to set up.

Bai Juru also suggested that Gongba Park should conduct overall planning with the surrounding fire brigade and the old mediation committee hall identified as the sea sand house, otherwise the landscape is quite awkward; as to whether the park should set up public toilets for the convenience of the public, she said If it is located in the middle of the park, it will hinder the landscape, but if it is too remote to cause security dead ends, it needs further discussion.

Huang Chonghao, deputy chief engineer of the New Work Department, admitted that the consultant company did not take into account the original tree species, so the idea of ​​cutting the tree was not passed; with the proposal of the democratic era, the future design of the facility will be incorporated into the terrain space configuration, and the trees will be kept as much as possible.

Locally, we designed some communicative playground equipment for the elderly and people with physical and mental disabilities. It is expected that the design will be completed by the end of the year and contracted out next year.

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