YouTube Vanced for The Best Use Of YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform in the last few years. Nowadays, various social media platforms allow video, photo sharing facilities, and interactive options with audiences. But YouTube started the process. With the regular update, millions of content, and variations, YouTube is the first choice of audiences to see the famous movie clip, event video, or listening to an old, favorite song. When it comes to listening to music, there is one problem that every YouTube user faces. YouTube does not play songs in the background. Also, it stops as soon as the screen goes black. Holding the phone always in hand is tough. Especially in multi-tasking, there is no chance to spend hours listening to songs and not opening any other app on a smartphone. To solve all these problems came the YouTube Vanced app. YouTube Vanced is a modified app that supports all the functions of YouTube with faster and better facilities. 

How To Use Advanced?

Installation Process

YouTube Vanced is not the official release of YouTube. It came from a third party developing company. So, sometimes there is some troubleshooting while browsing the app. It can happen auto-stop or might not open in the first place in some android versions. Make sure your android is compatible with the Advanced version. There are two versions currently in the market, The legacy version, and the default. If your phone is android nine or higher, then go for the default version. If you believe that old is gold, then go for the legacy one. It should work then. If you are using a non-rooted phone, then you have to download the MicroG in your phone. This application is additional support to the Vanced to keep it working smoothly. If it still does not install or function properly, then check with the zip installer. Now log in to it with your email, and you are all good to go and enjoy the endless entertainment streaming.

Ad Block

There is one constant complaint about YouTube is the advertisements and paid promotions. Indeed, these are the primary income sources for the YouTube influencers or the online business owners’ marketing. But, none wants to watch a thirty-second irrelevant ad in between a five-minute crafting video. YouTube Vanced saves you from the waiting and the boredom. Vance is a completely ad-free version. To enable this option, you have to select the setting icon. Go to the setting, tap on the Vanced location, and redirect you to the experimental adoptions. Just turn the option off, and none will disturb you while listening to Taylor Swift or BTS.

Also, YouTube Vanced keeps playing while the screen goes off. The best option if you are jogging or standing in a packed metro. In the official YouTube version, there is ultra-wide zooming in opportunity for the premium and particular users. The YouTube Vanced team opened it for all. You can enable the ultra-wide zoom option as the standard fill-in screen option with the square icon present in the screen. However, you may lose the edge of the frame in this way. Videos with subtitles can be a problem here.

Make sure to uninstall the microG from your phone when you try to discard Vanced. As it is an auxiliary app, you will find it in the settings.


YouTube Vanced is everything you need your YouTube to be. Vance brought newer and better features to provide a premium experience to the audiences for free. Such as every phone does not support high dynamic range videos. But, your YouTube Vanced can enable it forcefully that will give you a fantastic view.

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