Author: Sheila Meyer. MD

Ms. Mayer is a pediatric physician who also is contributing writer to many medical publications and magazines. Her specialty is pediatric care where she also practices in her own practice in Memphis, TN. Ms. Mayer received her MD degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN in 2001

What is ankle pronation? This condition is called ankle pronation when child feet are rolling inwards. Child has tendency walking on inner border of the foot instead placing whole footprint on the ground. Pronation is frequently associated with flat feet and in some cases can cause a foot pain. The main cause of pronation in children is wearing none supportive shoes as a child. Cheap, badly constructed shoes without ankle support, orthopedic arches, profiled soles will damage and destroy child’s feet over time. What is flat foot? In Normal Foot, the weight of the body is distributed straight down through the foot structure. In…

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